Friday, May 19, 2006

Birdmonster - WOXY Lounge Act

WOXY just announced that Birdmonster will be performing live in their lounge on Monday June 19th and 4:00pm. A month away, but still exciting. Watch and see - These guys are going to blow up when they hit NYC. I gave the Mussels EP a rest and now I'm back to obsessing over No Midnight. I think that Spaceman may be my favorite song of 2006 so far. GVB agrees that the song rules:

"Ironically, one of my favorite tracks from the record is one that I don't think they played live. This song is the quintessential album closer. "Spaceman" captures that moment right on the verge of a second wind, filled with exhaustion, but exhaustion you can see beyond. The moment you decide if it's best to call it a night, or simply move the night somewhere else. The band has played their collective heart out, they're exhausted, you're exhausted...but no one is ready to go home."

Excellent description.

Here's the mp3: Spaceman (via Chris Ives)


Aloha - WOXY Lounge Act
Gomez - WOXY Lounge Act
Metal Hearts - WOXY Lounge Act


At 5/25/2006 12:31 PM, Blogger Wes said...

awesome! thanks :)


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