Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love Is In The Air

Happy Valentines Day!

Thanx to GVB for pointing out this lovely Valentines mix from Peanut Butter Wolf:

Peanut Butter Wolf Valentine's Day Mixtape (via Stones Throw)

Been boogeyin' to that all morning.

Pop Tarts has a mix up too. So do The Sluts. Another cheesy mix via Ear Farm. And the Yeti posted some tunes as well.

Ryspace's present to us is the beginning of his comprehensive CMJ '06 coverage. It's starting out a touch too angry for Valentines Day, but he swears that it will get better. Hey Ryan - Perhaps you should have caught Oh No! Oh My! at Lit instead.

Don't forget about the special Rosebuds show today!

Or for you Anti-V Day folks:

(click on image to enlarge it to a point where you can actually read it)

There's a V-day mix over at The Underrated too.


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