Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Finest Dearest back on the east coast next week!

Finest Dearest are coming back to the east coast! This is their first trip across the country since their first trip across the country in April '08. While they were in town I saw them play @ Trash and even though the show was somewhat sabotaged by a dreadful sound dude, they kicked ass. I usually try to avoid going to shows the night before Siren, but not this time. If you haven't been to Dead Herring yet, it's just some folks' apartment. Even though that may sound potentially disastrous, the sound there is actually not that bad.

Siren Festival - 2009 Schedule

So here's what I think. Some of Bear Hands -> Japandroids -> FR -> FOOD -> APTBS -> Monotonix -> BTS. OR MAYBE some of Bear Hands ->Japandroids -> FOOD -> FOTL -> APTBS -> Monotonix -> BTS. Wish they swapped FOTL and Micachu. Otherwise, no other complaints. Good to see that the stages are staying in the same place, wasn't sure what was going to happen with that.