Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Luna Lounge - Tues Aug 7

Setting Sun.

Chop Shop.


Alamo Race Track @ The Annex - This Thurs - 8/2

I'm very happy to see all of the US buzz for Alamo Race Track. Also, via Filter:

"Black Cat John Brown is quickly approaching "Young Folks"-sized ubiquity (...) A solid but confounding album of terse pop and wild-eyed indie rock largely overshadowed by the three and a half minuts of quirky gravel road blues that overshadowes it. "

Completely agree. Was rocking out to Black Cat John Brown (the song AND the album) again today. ART are playing at Club NME night Thursday w/ The 1990's, who's album I was rocking out to yesterday. And WAS are djing. Needless to say, I strongly reco heading over to The Annex Thurs night. Reposting this video, because it is really, really great:


'08 All-Star Logo

Very. Exciting.

Forget about any music related event. This is sure to be the hottest ticket in town next summer. Strings will be pulled all over the place.

Looks like the sox are getting Gagne. Meanwhile, subtract one Proctor and add another. Whoopty do. But I do not want to see any rash trades now that the farm system has a pulse agan. The Indians are tripping a little and the wild card is still within reach. Mid August will decide the Yanks October.

Could A-Rod just hit his 500th tonight so we can move on. This distraction needs to go away.

Also - Russo put his stamp of approval on The Bronx Is Burning and after a few episodes, I am still liking it too. And Chris has got a good point. Gagne to the sox is better than Gagne to the Indians.

Update: Well...the Yanks tied a franchise record for most homeruns in a game tonight (8), but no 500 for A-Rod.

Ready For Some August? - Video Roundup

In case you missed one...

Previously. And this.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Official Siren '07 Pics

VV have begun posting their Siren '07 event photos. Only pics of NY Dolls, MIA, Cursive, and WAS so far. Looking forward to the "scenes" pics, which are always my fav.

BTW - Think I'm done rounding up Siren '07 posts. The list may have grown since you last looked. Look again?

Update: All pics are up now.

StereoactiveNYC Roadshow

Via StereoactiveNYC.com:

We have, for a while now, been involved with booking both local and out of town bands at NYC and Brooklyn shows. Now, for the first time, we've helped set up out of town shows for two NYC bands. They'll be kicking the mini-tour off in their own backyard at one of their favorite venues in the city: Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn. From there it's on to Norfolk, Virginia, then Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina.

RSVP here.

Spirit Marines @ Bar 13 - This Wed - Aug 1


Showpaper Benefit - This Sat - Aug 4

The Muggabears AND Dirty Projectors @ Death By Audio.

Just Jack @ Hiro - Tomorrow - Tues July 31

Via GBH:

Just Jack Live (US Debut)
Hiro Ballroom - Tuesday July 31

We are teaming up with Giant Step to bring you a really cool show
The UK's highly talented MC, Just Jack will be performing
Plus there will be a DJ Set by Chicken George.
We're looking forward to this one

It's pretty hard to pigeonhole Just Jack... Check out his myspace page here and get yourself edjamacated!


(Sign-up is free and simple, but only one sign-up per person - no plus ones!!)

Hiro: 371 W16th St. at 9th Ave. Doors Open 8pm. Show 9pm.

Definitely check out Just Jack's Myspace. A surefire cure for your case of the Mondays.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tonight - Sun Jul 29 @ The Annex

Via The Soundscapes:

We will be performing this Sunday, July 29, on a great bill with bands we're fans of, Autumn Thieves, Kalpana and Ursula Points. This show is promoted by Jezebel Music.

During our set we will have visual projections by our friends and kindred artists Artur Kummer and Lilka Nakanishi of MadToy, summer night of good music at a very enjoyable club.

EARLY SHOWS - starts at 6pm, we go on around 7pm.

The Annex is located at 152 Orchard Street, between Rivington and Staton St.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Savoir Faire (part deux) @ Fontana's - Fri Aug 10

Via MusicIsFreeNow.org:

What: Savoir Faire. (part deux)

When: Friday August 10th, 2007 8pm

How Much: $7

Where: Fontana's 105 Eldridge between Grand and Broome, New York, NY

8pm Mattison
El Jezel
10pm Vermillion Lies
The Lisps

DJ Ladybyrd from WhoNeedsRadio.com spins between sets

Savoir Faire is a magical night of all female-fronted bands.

Benzos - Record Release Party - Tues Aug 7

Here's the info via Myspace:

Benzos "Branches" Record Release Party
August 7, 2007

205 Chrystie (at Stanton), NYC
Sponsored by WOXY, SESAC & Barnocky
w/ DJs rekLES, seanMFNroberts

Doors at 9PM
Benzos live at 10:30PM

Open Bar

Also, If The Shoe Fits, Wear It - 2 pairs of "Branches" custom
painted shoes by Barnocky to the male and female "Cinderella" of the
party. Contest begins before the clock strikes midnight.

****This is a FREE party! but you'll need to RSVP here:
benzosrsvp@sneakattackmedia.com ****

Brought to you by MeanRed Productions

and Stinky Records


I've got a copy of Branches and I'm still digesting it. I'll have some thoughts up soon. In the meantime, check out two intense live videos of songs off of Branches:

benzos - "teach me" live

benzos - "hurt everybody" live

I have to say that I am extremely impressed by the New York output in '07. !!!, The Antlers, LCD, Mussels, Cuckoo Canoe, The Muggabears, Aeroplane Pageant, and many others.

And now Benzos.


Aeroplane Pageant - New Drummer @ Bowery?

Um...what? Dude in the shorts is not Eric. Did I miss something? Hmmmmm

Apparently tix are selling fast for Aeroplane Pageant's show at the Bowery on Friday. Get on it.

Universal Health Care Party @The Hook - Aug 11

Shebang Productions and We Be Illin' Presents: Brooklyn Day - Party for Healthcare!

The Boggs featuring The DeathSet / Peelander-Z & The Teeth

Sat, Aug 11 3:00 PM
at The Hook

Tix on sale. $20

Pianos - This Sat - July 28

Here's something fun to do after ERMP this Sat. Check out Mistakes, who played at Antifreeze, the excellent The Art Of Shooting, and celebrate the release of Bombs' new album, The Bright Future. An all around great night of music.

The State! DVD! Finally!

Thanx for the heads up Jason.


News From The State/Stella Gang
The Ten - Trailer
The State - iTunes, Movies
Diggers, 28 Weeks Later
Holy Crap!
Scott Sounds Off - The State
Email From Stella

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Maritime - Guns Of Navarrone

Reading the 'gum's post about the new Maritime song made me think about how cool Flameshovel is for requiring their bands to do the floating in mid-air pic.


Labelmates Bound Stems:

It's also further proof that The Aliens and Architecture in Helsinki should be on Flameshovel:

The Aliens:

New AIH video for "Hold Music":

And oh yeah, I like Maritime's new song too.

Speaking of Bound Stems, also over at the 'gum there is a post about the upcoming Huey Lewis compilation, which will feature some of my favs including Bound Stems, Apostle Of Hustle, Travels, The Long Winters, and Oh No! Oh My!. So rad. Check the Myspace.

Previously. This too.

Modeselektor Feat. Thom Yorke - The White Flash

Thanx to M for pointing me in the right direction. This song is excellent and sounds like it could have been an above par b-side to The Eraser. Love it.

The Most Serene Republic - Population

Sean beat me too it. Hey Amanda - I loved the first album too.

And the EP. And there is no doubt that I will love this one too.

"Sherry And Her Butterfly Net" - mp3

You can also listen at their Myspace.

Things are getting exciting. First Crystal Skulls. And now TMSR. Just like last year after Siren, I am now shifting my CMJ coverage into high gear. Those two better be there! Population is out in October. I'd say it's a given that they will be in NYC in mid-Oct.


Some News From The Most Serene Republic
The Most Serene Republic - Video & EP

ERMP - Sat July 28 - Lineup

Hey, where's the usual cool, trippy flyer?

>> THE RATS Doors at 2 PM; free
East River Amphitheater: FDR Drive @ Cherry St.
Curated by Venus Zine

More info here


Tripnotica @ Galapagos - This Wed - July 25

More info here

Beat Radio - CD Release Party - Sat Aug 11 - Flyer

BONUS! - here's a song off the new Miracle Flag EP:

"What I Love The Most" - mp3

Which flyer for this show, that I already posted about, do you prefer?

Siren '07 Roundup

A New Nuance - An obituary for his favorite Siren
Baeble - Pics
BrooklynVegan - Liked MIA, but missed a lot. Also - pics of readers
Brooklyn Ski Club - The Black Lips, MIA, Pics (Also - banana hammocks @ the pool, eeck)
Central Village - Only pics. Look below for more
CMJ - Pics
Crackers United - An almost completely alternate perspective from my Siren
Fader - Brief review, some pics, and more to come
Fiddle While You Burn - Pics of Voxtrot, Black Lips, Matt & Kim, Dr. Dog
Fresh Bread - Taking pics for VV. Best I've seen so far. Also - Part II
Gothamist - Pics, many of which are gross
Jeff CV @ Gothamist - Yes, Cursive were that great
Heart On A Stick - A place holder
The Hidden Track - Check out Danfun's pics
Kathryn Yu - In the meantime, a crowdsurfer (Pretty sure I'm underneath that guy)
Loose Record - Excellent M&K review
The Music Slut - Pics - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Music Snobbery - There are also several spotlight posts
NY Times - A review from the other side of the barrier. No thanx
PAPERMAG - "The Matt and Kim show was insane, with rabid fans jumping the barriers and getting shaken up by security. It was pretty rock 'n' rollin."
PTST - Review and pics, M&K video, TTS video
Productshop - Had fun, took pics
Pfork - Tons of pics taken by Kathryn Yu
Punk Photo - Beautiful Pics, MIA
Subterranean Blog - Great review and nice pics
The Tripwire - Was bummed about missing Elvis and makes me even more bummed about missing WAS.
The Underrated - Review and pics. First Cyclone ride!
Village Voice - They had fun at their festival
WaterCoolerGossip - At least he got to see M&K
BYGASG - Didn't go, Maxwell's instead
Soft Communication - Didn't go(?), Potter instead
Stereogum - Didn't go, but lots of the commentors did
Bumpershine - Also didn't go. I thought I presented a convincing arguement

And forgot to mention this in my thoughts post - > White Heat DJs fucking ruled. Another reason why I wish I went to the pool yesterday. Would have loved to hear them spin some more.

Siren '07

Before I get some much needed rest, some Siren thoughts:

* Best non-music related occurrence - the weather. I have no problem dealing with heat when there is no humidity on a sunny day. That is what makes Coachella tolerable. And there was a nice breeze too. First time at Siren that I have seen the fans on stage turned off. Only thing that could have made the weather better -> a late day misting like we got during Spoon a couple years ago.

* The 1/2 hour main stage delay was only a bummer on one occasion. The Twilight Sad -> White Rabbits. We were digging TTS, who we were seeing for the first time, and we had just recently witnessed a top-notch WR performance at Bowery, so we stayed at the main for the entire TTS set. Immediately after TTS we bolted over to Stillwell, but were only able to catch one WR song. Fortunately, that song was "The Plot", my favorite, so it wasn't a total loss.

* Legen ... wait for it ... dary. That is not a term that I use liberally. In fact, before now, I believe that I have only used it once here at The Pummeling Den. I still stand by that declaration, just as I stand by this declaration - Matt & Kim's set was legendary. Musically, the set was no better than, and perhaps even slightly less impressive than, their set at Bowery. It was the intangibles that made this set one for the record books. M&K were out of their minds on the natural high of their biggest, most important show to date and the crowd ate it up. Matt pointing out where the fans were and coaxing a barrier crash. Being in the midst of complete pandemonium the likes of which I had never seen at any of the previous Sirens I have attended. It was one of those sets, where immediately afterwards, everyone is looking around at each other, silently acknowledging that they had just experienced something special. Something legendary.

* Voxtrot was very strange. I have seen other bands, like TL&Rx for instance, go from very small stages playing in front of few to very large stages in front of many, but none of those shows felt like this. During their set, Ramesh talked about the Rothko show, which I, and a handful of others attended. And now they were playing 2nd to last on Stillwell (IMHO, way more impressive than opening at Prospect). It felt very surreal. I think the band thought so too.

* Stuck to the plan the entire day (and threw in Noisettes for good measure) and was very pleased with the results. Elvis Perkins was delightful. The Black Lips were... interesting. And Cursive deserved to be the Stillwell headliners.

* Broke the tradition of a Nathans hot dog and the cyclone after the show, due to some sudden stomach unpleasantness. But it's OK, because Daft Punk (which, btw - is now SOLD OUT) will be bringing me back to Coney in less than three weeks!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Orphan Code - Last Dance Video

Posted about Orphan Code a while back. In case you missed it, check this. These guys were very close to coming to the US last month to play some shows, including KO!R5, but it fell through last minute. However, I will not be denied and I promise you that they will be here to perform for you soon. Just like the skulls, fingers crossed for CMJ.

In the meantime, here's a brand new video for "Last Dance". Enjoy!

...aywkubttod @ Luna Lounge - Thurs Aug 2

This just in!!!

(And You Will Know Us By The) Trail Of Dead plus Shock Cinema $5 adv/$5 day of show
Texas International Favorites, And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead have announced a slew of European dates for late summer, marking the return as the band's largest festival stint in more than five years. Come party with the band and help send them off in style as they leave to rock the European continent... They want to party with you!

Tix are onsale and they are only 5 a pop. Yes. Only $5.

Update: Not sure what to make of this. Apparently Crashin' In and Kanine Records have put this show together. Crashin' In's site says that the show will be 12:00AM - 4:00AM, but Ticketweb says that doors are at 7:30PM. Hmmmmmm....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bottle Up & Go @ Matchless - Thurs July 26

The Pull-Out Method @ Midway - This Fri - July 20

Greenland and Murder Mystery are both terrific. I fully endorse this show, which is guaranteed to be a great time.

Union Pool - This Sat - July 21

With so many excellent post-Siren options, how does one choose?

Hot Rocks - Reminder - This Fri - July 20

Get pumped with a new Frauke song:

Canadian Girlfriend - mp3

Here's a review of the song via the USSR music magazine, Approved Entertainment for Soviet Comrade Listening, which was reprinted in the June 1973 issue of Rolling Stone:

Let's put it simply: Frauke's newly recorded song, "Canadian Girlfriend," is set to be a summer classic. It tells the tale of a glorious summer romance that happened on the beach…OR DOES IT?!? Maybe it's all just a lie fabricated by a nerdy, friendless loser, who's such a cad that even his own fantasy rejects him.

Let's take a deeper, in-depth look at this absolutely amazing song that has all the critics and kids and highly intelligent animals talking:

-giant crabs
-Arctic tundra
-Pop Rocks

Gustav Mahler and the Rolling Stones once sang, "It's over now, it's a summer romance, and it's through." So it seems to be the case for the narrator of this song. Except sadder still, the romance may have never even existed and he is no doubt in for a long life of existential self-doubt and habitual masturbation.

And yet for all the heartbreak and woe, Frauke – the mysterious band who hails from Brooklyn – has managed to create one of the most uplifting, and definitely one of the catchiest songs of the moment. Actually, that is an understatement, for it is perhaps the catchiest song in the history of all time forever infinite eternity .

Don't forget - > Poodle skirts

After The Jump Fest - Initial Lineup Announcement


AUGUST 25, 2007




themusicslut . batteringroom . disconap . earfarm . ryspace . irockiroll . musicsnobbery . merryswankster . softcommunication . theunderratedblog . sitdownstandup . productshopnyc .watercoolergossip . bumpershine . themodernage . yetidontdance . slapyouinpublic . subinev . punkphoto . poptartssucktoasted .stereoactivenyc . fingeronthepulse

All proceeds from the festival will help fund grants written by New York music teachers for their classroom via the Bloggers Choose chapter of DonorsChoose.org. Please join us in making a great day of music and a significant contribution to music education in our city.


Beat Radio - CD Release Party - Sat Aug 11

It's official. The first "full" week of August 2007 is the next week of full throttle indie-rock insanity in NYC. There is already way, way too much going on that week and it just keeps piling up. Already I have had to make some hard choices (Beastie Boys vs. Daft Punk), but as of right now it looks like this:

Thurs Aug 9 - Daft Punk @ Keyspan
Fri Aug 10 - The Thermals @ Maxwells
Sun Aug 12 - TL&Rx, Thermals @ the pool

And now this has been thrown into the mix. On Sat Aug 11, Beat Radio are having a CD release party at Union Hall for their spectacular and highly praised debut album, The Great Big Sea, which was one of my favorite albums of 2006. Up until this point, the album has only been available in mp3 format as a free download at their website. So why would you now purchase a CD of the album? Well, because the CD comes with their brand new, 4-song Miracle Flag EP.

The Bloodsugars are also playing with Beat Radio on the 11th, so yeah, this show is going to be the bees knees.

Crystal Skulls - Not Broken Up!?!?!

It has been a long, long, long time since there has been any news from Crystal Skulls. In fact, there hasn't been any news for as long as The Battering Room has been in existence. No CMJ '06. No SXSW '07. No news from Suicide Squeeze. No updates at their Myspace. And their website disappeared all together. The band had vanished so completely, that I was afraid they had broken up.

Until now.

A show has been posted at their Myspace.

Sat Aug 11 @ The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle w/ Pale Pacific and Kevin of The Wrens.

If I lived in Seattle, there is no question where I would be on 8/11.

One show isn't much, but it's more than the nothing that Crystal Skulls fans have had to endure for a long time now. Let hope that this is the beginning of a whole lot more from the band. Still plenty of time between now and mid-October. Fingers crossed for CMJ '07.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Three Videos For A Tuesday

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Jaguar Club @ Tiswas 2.0 - This Sat - July 21

Here's another post-Siren option -> check out The Jaguar Club @ Tiswas 2.0 @ The Annex.

Aeroplane Pageant @ Bowery - Fri July 27 - Flyer

Tix / Previously

Citysol Pics

Had a very nice time hanging out at Citysol this past Saturday. The weather could not have been more perfect. Got there near the end of These Are Powers and left near the end of Land Of Talk. I was worried that the venue was going to be over crowded, but it seemed to be just the right size. A very interesting mix of the usual faces, over-the-top hipsters, wedding guests, and people who just happened to be passing by and stopped to see what was going on. The Besnard Lakes were my favorite. OCDJ was a close second. First time seeing O'Death and LOT, both of which were enjoyable. Good job Solar 1 and BV for putting together a fun little festival. Jules and I finally remembered to bring the camera out to a show this summer and took lots of pics. Here are some of the better shots (that look much better when you click them):



The Besnard Lakes

Land Of Talk