Friday, March 30, 2007

KNOCKOUT Round 3 - Now With Sponsor, DJs

Most excellent news - WOXY has signed on as a sponsor of the KNOCKOUT shows!

And let there be music - Cru Jonez (Steve of benzos) and DJ Lupe Loop will be spinning tunes all night long!

Next Saturday. April 7. Matchless. Once again, the lineup w/ set times:

8 - Square Wave Punch
9 - The Diggs
10 - benzos
11:15 - Bridges and Powerlines

benzos have posted a new track off of their new album, Branches, and a new b-side on their Myspace. Go listen now and see what you are in for.

Thanx again to Bunkre for the flyer. If you haven't been checking out his blog, you have been missing out on some cool shiz. Like this, and this, and especially this.

And with that, I leave for vacation. I'll be back some time next week. Probably won't have much computer access at all, but I will be able to check my email. See ya then.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Antlers - In The Attic Of The Universe

I feel like I've been totally caught off guard. This album came out of nowhere. And it's instantly conquered many other albums that are fighting for spots at the top of my favorite albums of '07 list (it's already getting very crowded). This album is very different from Uprooted (which I can't get enough of), yet very similar at the same time. This one sounds so full and lush and all those sort of words, but still gentle and delicate. And I am still hearing Neutral Milk Hotel and Antony & The Johnsons all over the place, while he is also continuing to carve out his own unique sound. Hard to pick a favorite song. Have I ever explained that one of the qualities of an album that I value the most is the ability to listen straight though and not skip a song. This album has that quality. Download it for free and thank me later:

IN THE ATTIC OF THE UNIVERSE (whole album zip, 192 kbps)

Or you could go to his website and download individual tracks. And there's songs at his Myspace too.

Check out what Pat and Rachael's had to say about the album too.

I HIGHLY recommend going to Pianos on Tues May 15 for Cross Pollination w/ The Antlers. Don't think, just go.


Shout Out Out Out Out @ Mercury - 3/10/07

Via Baeble:


Mussels - Little Voices Finished, Record Release

Got some awesome news this week from my Mussels friends:

The wait is over. Our first full length record, Little Voices, has rubbed it’s eyes and is ready to take it’s first steps into the world. We will be spending this week putting the finishing touches on the beautiful, hand silk-screened covers, manufactured with great care by yours truly (We even have a picture in our wallet, see attached). And Friday night we will pat Little Voices on the head and send it out the front door, beaming with pride and quite possibly a tear in our eyes.


Yes. You read that right. THIS FRIDAY. You can finally get your hands on the new Mussels album, Little Voices, one of my, if not thee, most anticipated releases of 2007. And everything I have heard so far at their shows and on their Myspace are only fueling the fire. My favorite album artwork of the year so far:

So fly.

Get yourself to this show tomorrow:

Friday, 03/30/07 @ Union Hall $8
10:00 Cedars
9:00 Mussels
8:00 Airthieves


The Lisps Are Coming! The Lisps Are Coming!

To a town near you. That's right folks. The Lisps are going on tour. From the east coast to the west coast and back. Starting in Brooklyn and ending in Brooklyn. So excited for them. It's like sending a child off to college. Here are the dates:

Friday 4/6/07 @ Galapagos Artspace - Brooklyn, NY
Thursday 4/12/07 @ Six Points Music Festival (Red & Black Bar) - Washington DC*
Friday 4/13/07 @ The Werehouse - Winston-Salem, NC*
Saturday 4/14/07 @ The Space - Greensboro, NC*
Tuesday 4/17/07 @ The Spazzatorium Galleria - Greenville, NC*
Wednesday 4/18/07 @ Joli Rouge - Asheville, NC*
Thursday 4/19/07 @ Electric Ballroom - Knoxville, TN*
Friday 4/20/07 @ Club Detour - Athens, GA*
Saturday 4/21/07 @ Nophest at 11:11 Tea House - Atlanta, GA*
Sunday 4/22/07 @ Cafe Brasil - New Orleans, LA
Monday 4/23/07 @ Neutral Ground - New Orleans, LA
Tuesday 4/24/07 @ Emo's - Austin, TX
Tuesday 5/1/07 @ The Make Out Room - San Francisco, CA
Thursday 5/3/07 @ Silverlake Lounge - Los Angeles, CA
Saturday 5/5/07 @ Scene Bar , Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday 5/9/07 @ The Way Out Club - St. Louis, MO
Thursday 5/10/07 @ The Darkroom - Chicago, IL
Friday 5/11/07 @ The Dreamland Theatre - Ypsilanti, MI#
Saturday 5/12/07 @ TBA - Cleveland, Ohio#
Monday 5/14/07 @ Luna Lounge - Brooklyn, NY#

* - w/ Senryu
# - w/ Double Dutch Will Take You Higher

For previous Battering Room Lisps action, go here. As you can see, no Lisps post is complete without this video:

I just love it so much.

Annex - Tonight - Thurs March 29

Thursday, March 29th

@ The Annex

8pm - Western Civ
9pm - Rob Holzer
10pm - Gold Streets
11pm - Man In Gray

152 Orchard Street, New York, NY

Nakatomi Plaza - Stream Unsettled

CV Jeff and I may not see eye to eye on LCD and Panda Bear, but we do find common ground when it comes to the new Nakatomi Plaza album, Unsettled. If the three songs at their Myspace aren't enough for you, you can now stream the entire album here. The band is making their way back to Brooklyn this week and hopefully will have a NYC show or two for us soon. Stay tuned.

Ted Leo & Rx - Live On NPR Tonight

NPR will be broadcasting Ted Leo & The Pharmacists show tonight at the 9:30 Club in DC. Info on tonight's performance can be found here.

Thanx for the tip Paul.

WOXY News - Lounge Acts, Blog

As you may have noticed, I've been kinda busy this week. Because of said busyness, I was unable to listen to the Mason Proper lounge act live this past Monday. Finally got a chance yesterday afternoon to listen to the mp3. WOW. Even better than the first time. Especially loved the first half when they played My My (Bad Fruit) and Intimidation. WOXY says:

Mason Proper
Performed March 26, 2007

It's been almost a full year since Mason Proper first visited the Lounge. Since their last appearance, they've grown into an incredibly tight live band and they recently signed to Dovecote Records.

Their debut album "There Is A Moth In Your Chest" has been reworked a bit for its national release. In this interview, they talk about the process of re-recording and remixing the album

You'll hear 4 tracks off of "Moth" along with one brand new exclusive track called "Rest Up" that will likely turn up on a 2008 release.

Track Listing:
My My (Bad Fruit)
Chemical Dress Eliza
- interview -
Rest Up
Life's Cornucopia

Download MP3 (27:22)

I VIGOROUSLY recommend attending their show this Sat March 31 at new venue Gramercy Theater with Birdmonster and Jena Malone and Her Bloodstains. Can't go wrong with that lineup. Tix still available.

Also noticed that WOXY have finally posted Canada's funtastic lounge act from right before SXSW. Listened to that one live and it reminded me why I liked them so much at CMJ last year. Via WOXY:

Performed March 8, 2007

Track Listing:
Seasons Cease To Sing
- interview -
Look To The Trees
Homes & Jewels

Download MP3 (24:19)

Canada will be in NYC in July for four shows from July 20 through July 23 at undisclosed locations. Standby for more on that soon.

But wait! There's more! Aqueduct's performance from WOXY's SXSW day party has been posted! YES!!! As previously mentioned, their set made my day. So great. Listen for yourself:

Download MP3

Hope you got your tix for Aqueduct at Mercury Lounge on Tues April 10, cause it's sold out. I guarantee people will be dancing.

Here's what WOXY have coming up in the lounge:

3/30 Arizona 3:00pm
4/2 31Knots 1:30pm
4/2 Harlan 4:00pm
4/19 The Willowz 12:00pm
4/27 Dead Heart Bloom 3:00pm

In case you are not yet aware, WOXY launched a blog yesterday. I was just wishing they would bring back their daily link posts. This is above and beyond. Can you guess what my favorite post was so far? If you guessed this one, you're right.

I have some more very exciting WOXY news, but I'm going to wait until later today to announce it. Ahhhh...the cliffhanger...


Mason Proper - Pianos - Wed Jan 24
Who Wanna Rock With The Aqueduct?
Listen To Ted Leo's WOXY Lounge Act

Union Hall - Tues April 3

Monday, March 26, 2007

Rock The Bells 07

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friction - Thurs April 5 - Mercury Lounge

GREAT lineup:


Reminder Flyers - This Weekend - 3/23 & 3/24


Tomorrow night:

You should also try to catch one of those David & The Citizens shows.

The Rosebuds - Listen To Night Of The Furies

It's streaming here.

I told you it was a dance album.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee deranged easter bunny.

Sat April 7


Lineup w/ set times:

8 - Square Wave Punch
9 - The Diggs
10 - benzos
11:15 - Bridges and Powerlines


2 clams a band.

Another snazzy flyer by Bunkre. Watership Down. Nasty....

the lymbyc systym - Dos And Don'ts Of....

Touring with an Established Band. From this month's issue of DIW Magazine:

Click on image to enlarge so that it's readable.


the lymbyc systym - New Album, Back To NYC

the lymbyc systym Touring With The Album Leaf
the lymbyc systym

David & The Citizens - Update

When I first posted about David & The Citizens, they only had one post-SXSW NYC show on their schedule. Since then three more shows have been added, one of which has already come and gone this past Tuesday. The other two that have been added are opening for The Fratellis tomorrow night (sold out) and (this just in!) opening for The Mugs at Union Hall Saturday night. The Mugs and D&TC = AWESOME. So here's what their weekend schedule looks like now:

Fri March 23 8:00PM Mercury Lounge - opening for The Fratellis
Fri March 23 11:00PM Galapagos - Crashin' In Party w/ Hail Social, Bear Hands, Carolbui $8
Sat March 24 8:00PM Union Hall - opening for The Mugs $7

BTW - While the Merc website says they are playing tomorrow night, D&TC's Myspace says they are playing there tonight. So who knows, maybe they are playing there both nights?!?!

The Hero Cycle

I want to spotlight another band that are playing at Trash this Sat March 24, The Hero Cycle. The band is from Burlington, VT and their Myspace says that they sound like "Broken Social Scene meets Built To Spill". I don't know about the Built To Spill comparison, but I DEFINITELY hear the BSS. Just got their debut EP, Lakes and Ponds and I've been listening to it nonstop all day today and yesterday. I definitely see this being one of my favorite EPs of 2007. You can listen to it in it's entirely at their website and then buy it there too.

In addition to the show at Trash this weekend, they will also be at my home away from home, Matchless, on Sat May 12 w/ Boy Genius, Kite Operations. They are also looking for a NYC date on Sun May 6. Hey bookers, get 'em quick before someone else does.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Impeach Beach

Love stuff like this. Guess it's a little old, but if you haven't seen it:

They are planning to do it again at 100 different sites on 4/28/07. Might look into getting in on that if they do one near NYC. Go here for info.

Thanx Jules.

Hot Rocks -> Mancino -> TSLOS -> Muggabears

I'm due for another one of these long meandering rambling posts. What better way to start our journey than with Hot Rocks. Their next show is Sat April 14th. Flyer:

Mancino is playing at this party, and bring us to the next stop on our trip, their Myspace. Where we see that they are also doing a Mayan Empire show at Union Pool with another flyer:

But even more exciting is the show they are a part of at Pianos on Sat May 12 with The Muggabears, Can Joann, ......and.... THE SECRET LIFE OF SOFIA!

YES! The Secret Life Of Sofia are finally stepping out of the studio, adjusting their eyes to the sun, and playing a show. I first became interested in these guys when I saw them open for Maritime and Bound Stems at Mercury (another reason why that show kicked ass) and bought their fantastic 2005 self-titled EP. Buy it here. Cannot wait to see them live again and hear what they have been cooking up in the studio.

And the last stop on our voyage is The Muggabears' Myspace, where we see that they are having a release party for their Night Choreography EP, which so far is my favorite EP of 2007. The party is at Cake Shop on Sat April 21.

They are also opening for Land Of Talk at Union Hall on Tues April 3. That's going to be one hell of a great show. Highly recommened.

The End.

WOXY - Complete SXSW Lounge Act Archive

Last week I pointed out how the WOXY Lounge Acts from Mon - Wed had been posted. Well as of today, the complete SXSW Lounge Act archives have been posted. Which means that if like me, you were out getting obliterated all day this past Saturday and missed the CLOUD CULT lounge act, you can now go listen to/download it. Here's the mp3:

Cloud Cult WOXY Lounge Act 3/17/07

You can check out a ton of pictures of the lounge acts here or here, whichever you prefer.

What is not available yet, and who knows if it will ever be, is the archive of their terrific "I didn't go to SXSW, but at least I can listen to this and pretend I did" day party. I am very much hoping that they do make it available, because I would love to listen to Aqueduct's performance again, which was my fav and made my day.

Also, as previously mentioned, Cloud Cult are coming to NYC next month. Tix are still available, but probably not for much longer.

Update: Four sets from the day party are now available - The Broken West, The Little Ones, Snowden, and Dave Smallen. Still no Aqueduct, Alexi Murdoch, or Bob Mould. Hmmm.... it's looking like those may not be made available. Shucks.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

WARNING - Daft Punk Presales Announced

Here's the latest:

Sun, 07/29/07
08:00 PM
Daft Punk
WaMu Theater
Seattle, WA
presale begins:
Thu, 03/22/07 10:00 AM
US $40.00

Tue, 07/31/07
08:00 PM
Daft Punk
Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO
presale begins:
Fri, 03/23/07 09:50 AM
US $49.75

Get ready, because the NYC presale can't be too far off. Also, this is one of the few times when I'll say that this show is cheap at $40 or $50. I would pay a ton more than that for this show. I wonder how much the Keyspan tix are going to be.

Update: LA:

Sat, 07/21/07
09:00 PM
Daft Punk
Los Angeles Sports Arena Los Angeles, CA
presale begins:
Thu, 03/22/07 10:00 AM
US $50.00


Daft Punk @ Keyspan Park - Thurs Aug 9
RUMOR - Daft Punk In NYC - RUMOR

Coconut Records

Rachael told me about Coconut Records a few weeks ago and I really had no idea what it was except that it involved Jason Schwartzman (a plus) and that the songs sounded kind of like The Unicorns/Islands (also a plus) and were pretty nifty. This Myspace bulletin sheds some light:

Nighttiming is out now on iTunes!

Coconut Records, the new band from Jason Schwartzman, full debut album Nighttiming is out now on iTunes. Click HERE to get it now!

All songs were written, performed and sung by Jason Schwartzman, produced by Michael Einziger, and mixed by Brendan O'Brien (Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Incubus). Coconut Records, Schwartzman's first musical endeavor since Phantom Planet, is out now on Young Baby Records and features the first single "West Coast," which was featured on the final episode of the O.C.

The Black & White Years - Good News

Much happier news this time around:

The Black and White Years are excited to announce that we will be recording with first class producer and Talking Head, Jerry Harrison! We are set to begin recording sometime in the middle of April, so you can expect a finished product sometime in the Fall.

Photographic proof:

Very cool.

Did anyone check out The Black & White Years down at SXSW? Hope they make their way to NYC soon.


The Black & White Years - Bad News

Sound Of Silver

Like I said way back in December, Sound of Silver is way out in the lead for the best album of 2007 (unless Radiohead releases an album, in which case, we'll see). You can have your Neon Bible. I'm sticking with my LCD. You can sample tracks off the album here. There is not ONE weak track on the album, and apparently Pfork agrees. 9.2. Hot damn. Bragging posts are fun.

: P

Seriously though, I have listened to this album more than anything else so far this year. And thanx to a recent surge, it has even passed that awesome Cuckoo Canoe album. It's like if you took all the best songs from the first album and condensed them into one vicious album. I especially like walking amongst the skyscrapers of midtown while listening to this. Buy it.

Canal Room - Tonight - Tues March 20

Swedish Band David & the Citizens Make Rare NYC Appearance
Tonight, March 20th at The Canal Room w/Bang Gang
Doors 9pm, Acoustic Performance 9:30pm

Swedish band David & the Citizens aka David Fridlund will be making a rare US appearance TONIGHT March 20th at the Canal Room w/Icleand's own Bang Gang. Doors are at 9pm and cover is $10. David will be doing an acoustic performance at 9:30pm. The Canal Room is located at 285 W. Broadway.


David & The Citizens

The Lisps @ Mo' Pitkins - This Fri March 23

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Beat Radio @ Mercury Lounge - Mon March 26

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Bloodsugars - Three NYC Shows

The Bloodsugars are back from their trip to the west coast and ready to begin rocking NYC again. Here are the dates:

Wed Mar 28 8:30PM Mercury Lounge $10
Sat Apr 7 8:00PM Trash w/ Only Son
Thurs May 10 10:00PM Galapagos - Jezebel Music's Consignment w/ Breakup Breakdown

Lineup for the Merc show:

- 10:30 -
- 9:30 -
- 8:30 -
- 7:30 -


The Bloodsugars

(Pic via this guy)

Trash - Next Sat March 24 - DJ MOJO Presents

Just yesterday I noted how Lolita Bras seem to be getting by without Hugh, well apparently they are getting by as a three piece:

It would appear the currents of life have swept another guitarist from the Lolita Bras crew. Christian Doscher is now off to pursue other musical callings on the west coast, and those of us remaining have decided that, for the next round of shows at least, we'll perform as a three piece. This configuration will debut next weekend at Trash Bar, where we'll share the stage with several of our friends. Here are the details:

Saturday March 24
@Trash Bar - 256 Grand at Roebling
$8 • OPEN BAR 8-9

Midnight - Pawns
11pm - Hot Iron Swallows
10pm - Lolita Bras
9pm - The Hero Cycle (VT)
8 pm - Paul Michel (DC)

Join us as we venture into the Lolita Triangle.


Two flyers for one show? Why not?!?!?!

Travis @ Irving Plaza - Thurs May 3 & Fri May 4

In case you didn't notice, tix went onsale today at noon for Travis at Irving Plaza on Thurs May 3 and Fri May 4. You can buy tix here and here. I would consider buying tix for the Friday show (because i have never seen them live and love their first two albums), if the tix weren't $35. And that's BEFORE ticketbastard rapes you with "convenience charges". I'm sure that m is going regardless.

Also coming soon to Irving Plaza - CSS on Fri June 1. Don't know when tix are going on sale. I hear they are fun live, but I'm not crazy about their tunes.

Update: Canceled. Bummer. But I guess on the positive side, it makes early May slightly less cluttered.

Hodiau Direkton - Fri March 16

Further proof that this will be the first single.


Update: All of the Hodiau Direkton material is being compiled here.

Tripnotica @ Rebel - Fri March 30

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Constantines @ Luna Lounge - Thurs April 26

Was just reading OMR's terrific weekly newsletter, when something popped out at me. Constantines?! At Luna Lounge!? Nice. It's been a while since I've seen these guys live and their live show is always a great way to spend an evening. Thurs April 26. Tix are onsale. $12 Added bonus - Tim Fite is opening (Download his new album).

I wonder if Constantines will be playing anywhere else while they are in town.

Update: They will be. Irving Plaza. Tues April 24 and Wed April 25. Opening for The Tragically Hip. Tix onsale -> Tues Wed. $25.

I would rather see them headline at Luna.

Matt & Kim, Professor Murder

Just wanted to mention here officially how completely insane the Matt & Kim / Professor Murder show was at Bowery Ballroom last Friday. I had such such such a great time. Super happy fun times. It was one of the most raw shows that I have been to in a long, long time. Reminded me of some of the shows of my youth, getting kicked in the head by crowd surfers, watching people jump off of speaker stacks, and thrashing about like a mental patient. It was one of those shows that are so wild that you walk out with a ripped up hoodie and a destroyed pair of sneakers, drenched in sweat. But maybe the best thing about the show was seeing how much fun the bands were having. Matt & Kim both had huge smiles on their faces and were giggling with joy their entire set. And Professor Murder were total professionals, while enjoying themselves, and played a very impressive set. That band is on the verge of going big, which will probably happen around the time they take the stage at the Pitchfork Festival this summer. Reviews of this show can be found at Pop Tarts, The Music Slut, and Productshop (which is where I stole the above pic from).

Make seeing Professor Murder at Canal Room on Sat March 31 a priority. Trust me. $10 at the door. $8 if you RSVP to

I also highly recommend attending both of these Todd P shows:

Saturday, May 12th @ UNCLE PAULIE'S

:: Professor Murder
:::::: Telepathe

[ UNCLE PAULIE'S ] ~~ air conditioned -&- heated! ~~
NE corner of Monitor St & Greenpoint Ave | Greenpoint, Brooklyn
G-Greenpoint or L-Graham | 8pm | all ages | $tba

Friday, June 22th @ all ages venue tba

:: Matt and Kim

Lolita Bras - A Few NYC Shows Coming Up

The loss of Hugh isn't slowing down Lolita Bras at all. They have three NYC shows coming up before going to Philly and Boston. Here are the dates:

Sat March 24 9:30PM Trash Bar w/ Paul Michel, The Hero Cycle, Hot Iron Swallows, Pawns OPEN BAR 8-9 PM w/ $8 admission
Fri April 13 8:00PM Crash Mansion w/ Seems So Bright, The Pres, This Blue Holiday
Thurs April 26 8:00PM Matchless w/ Ten Minute Turns, The Information

Here's a pic of Lolita Bras at their Feb 24th Matchless show, via their Myspace:

WOXY - Listen To The SXSW Lounge Act Archives

All of the WOXY SXSW lounge acts from the past three days are now available for stream/download here. I have listened to most of them live, and the ones that I liked the most were The Lemurs, Via Audio (very, very good), The Little Ones (reminded me of a low-key Sure Juror), Sara Culler (she's also sort of a member of David & The Citizens), and Land Of Talk (my favorite so far).


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kevin Hume

Recently, I was chatting online with Scott about an old acquaintance named Kevin Hume. Apparently he is now living in Albuquerque, making music. I had no idea that he was a musician, but I did know that he had fantastic taste in music. Scott located his Myspace page and sent the link over to me. Simultaneously, Scott and I remarked to each other about how good the music was. I definitely recommend checking out his tunes, which remind me of Sean Lennon, Nick Drake, and Jose Gonzalez. Turns out his new album, The Truth About Ants and Aphids, was released yesterday via Premium Fantasy and can be purchased here.

For a sampler of the songs on the album, download this.

And here's some info on the album:

The Truth About Ants and Aphids is the latest CD by New Mexico based musician Kevin Hume (who formerly recorded under the name Black Spartacus). Written and recorded over several years, Ants and Aphids is a 12 song, 4 part song cycle rooted in the folk-pop tradition, but which also features arrangements for strings, woodwinds, and brass instruments. Carrying on in the same vein as his previous Black Spartacus releases, The Truth About Ants and Aphids was conceived as a unified work, subdivided into 4 suites, with songs which relate to one another both harmonically and thematically. The influences and styles of music on Ants and Aphids vary widely. There is the upbeat vocal pop of "Towns Where We Live" and "The Girl from Falling Water", the chamber-folk of "Glacier Bay" and the title track, and the classically influenced "Yeoman's Farewell" and "The Fauve". While performed and recorded mostly by himself, Kevin Hume's The Truth About Ants and Aphids is also graced with the presence of 12 very fine classical, folk, and jazz musicians, giving the album a lush, expansive sound. The added instrumentation also serves to give greater clarity to the sometimes complex arrangements, while never distracting from acoustic guitar and vocal which are most often at the heart of the songs.

Now I need to try and convince him to come to NYC for a show, perhaps during CMJ.

BTW, Scott went digging through an old box of pics and found this polaroid of Kevin, that he signed for some reason. In order to embarrass Kevin if he sees this post, here's the pic:

Reminder - The Lisps @ Union Hall - Tonight

Even AMNY knows what's up. Click on the pic to magnify.


The Cloud Room Are Back

After 8 months of writing and recording, The Cloud Room is ready to start doing shows again and will be kicking things off at Hiro Ballroom (they really need to do something about that piece of crap website) on Thurs April 5th. Tix not on sale yet, but probably will be soon here.

Also keep an eye on their Myspace. Hopefully they will begin posting new songs soon. Very interested in hearing the new material and finally catching the band live after numerous unsuccessful attempts.

The Whole Fantastic World - Promising News

It's been a while since these guys have posted some news/let their fans know that they are all still alive and kicking. Here's where they are at as of yesterday:

Tuesday, March 13th
It's been quite a while. We are currently working on LOTS of new material which we have started playing out around chicago and are recording with Gerard Barreto at the Ice Factory in Chicago. Look for new recordings in a few weeks. Once the recordings are completed we will begin serious booking. Check for new shows. Soon...

Does this mean that The Whole Fantastic World will finally make it to NYC soon? I sure hope so. And oh yeah, they have a Myspace again.

Previously...and this...and this...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Radiohead - New Website

Pretty much the same features, but a completely new look. I like it a lot. And I especially like how they have combined Dead Air Space with the main site. Brilliant! There is one new feature, Hodiau Direkton, but I have no idea what it is. Also, "autonomia" is still hanging around and is looking more and more like the title of the next album. Go take a look.

The Muggabears In Queens - This Fri March 16

Permanent Records - Moving To Greenpoint

Greenpoint is about to get even better. My favorite independent record shop, Permanent Records, is moving to Greenpoint. I've been told that the store should be leaving Northport sometime in April. Not sure when or where exactly they will be opening back up in Greenpoint, but when they are, make sure you stop by, say hello, and welcome them to the neighborhood. Oh, and buy some albums too.


Permanent Records - Best of 2006

Permanent Records

Friday, March 09, 2007

Daft Punk @ Keyspan Park - Thurs Aug 9

Rumor no more. I can't believe it is really happening. AND WITH THE RAPTURE!!

Daft Punk
The Rapture

I have been listening to this constantly:

Daft Punk (live @ Coachella) (full set) (via BV)

Do yourself a favor and download it immediately if you haven't got it already.

Also, BV just reported that !!! presale tix are ONSALE for Wed May 16 @ Bowery Ballroom. Just got two!!!!!!

And Matt & Kim and P. Murder tonight.

It's been a good day.

Update: Daft Punk presales have begun.

Update #2: Keyspan tix onsale THIS SAT MARCH 31 @11:00AM. $47.50. Look for a link to pop up here.

The Lisps @ Union Hall - Wed March 14

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Future Of The Left

Thanx to WOXY for the heads up on this. I have been needing a good Mclusky fix and this will definitely do. If you aren't aware, Future Of The Left is made up of two former members of Mclusky, and they sound a hell of a lot like Mclusky, one of my favorite "broke up before I got to see them" bands. Definitely go to the Myspace if you have been needing a fix too.

Currently no NYC date(s). I'm not going to SXSW, but if I was, seeing them at their ONE SXSW gig would be a TOP PRIORITY.

Speaking of SXSW, my CMJ-compiling partner in crime, FWYB, has just posted a massive SXSW guide that you will probably find very useful if you are going.

Mussels - Shows, New Tunes

THIS JUST MADE MY DAY! Just noticed that Mussels have posted on their Myspace two more songs from Little Voices, their upcoming full length, "It's Coming Down" and "Cannon On A Clothes(line?)". And they are fanfuckingtastic. I NEED THIS ALBUM AND I NEED IT NOW!!!!

And have I mentioned how happy I am that Mussels are now doing shows on a regular basis again. I haven't? Well I am. Here's what they have coming up at the end of the month:

Wed March 28 Ace Of Clubs $6
Fri March 30 Union Hall w/ Cedars, Airthieves $8

Here's the lineup/set times for that Ace of Clubs show:

11 PM Pistola
10 PM Buteo
9 PM Mussels
8 PM King Dice

BTW - I've been meaning to point out how jammed Union Hall's calendar is with worthwhile shows, for instance:

Wed March 14 The Lisps + The Hope Trust + The Wild Deer $5
Wed March 21 The Real Ones (from Norway) + The Changes + The Manhattan Love Suicides + The Metric Mile $10 BUY TICKETS
Sat March 24 The Mugs $tba
Thurs March 29 +/- + Say Hi To Your Mom + Bishop Allen $12 BUY TICKETS
Mon April 2 The Long Winters + The Broken West $15 BUY TICKETS
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Robitinev via Bryan, natch...

Alamo Race Track

You may or may not remember that I sort of posted about Alamo Race Track once before. Well I am quite happy to report that they are making their way over to the states from the Netherlands for SXSW and a FREE(!!) NYC gig at Rebel on Mon March 18. The Rebel show is a Rocks Off Presents showcase of six bands from the Netherlands, including two "&" bands, Kraak & Smaak and C-Mon & Kypski, Voicst, About, and Excelsior labelmates zZz. If you enjoyed Johan at Knockout Round 2 and are looking for more of the same, this is it. I highly recommend going to this show and checking out Alamo Race Track. Go to their Myspace and listen to some tunes, many which I think sound very Beatleish, or go here and watch a ton of videos of the band, including this one: