Friday, June 30, 2006

Pearl Jam - VH1 Storytellers

Watch it/DVR it/Tivo it tomorrow, Sat July 1st at 10pm. Via Filter:

Recorded on June 1st in New York's Avalon Theatre, Pearl Jam indulged fans to a 10-song set for VH1 Storytellers, which will premiere on the network on July 1st at 10/9c. Playing long-time hits such as "Betterman" and "Alive" as well as new hits such as "Worldwide Suicide" and "Unemployable", in addition to Eddie Vedder's solo acoustic rendition of late folk singer Phil Ochs' "Here's to the State of Mississippi," with the lyrics reworked to represent the Bush administration, Pearl Jam gave us a story of their collective career, accompanied by sweet, sweet song.

VH1 Storytellers Tracklisting:
Worldwide Suicide
Sleight Of Hand
Army Reserve
Here's To The State Of Mississippi
Life Wasted

Thanx Mets

This sweep = no more talk of "Best Team in NY" and "MVP" and "World Series." Up 11 games in your division? Big deal - your division is terrible and you would clearly be no better if not worse than the Yankees if you were in the AL East. Come talk to me when you can play with the big boys.

Nip/Tuck - Season 4

Back in September.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Black Keys - Nokia Theatre

You would think that seeing The Black Keys open for Radiohead 3 times in 4 days (yeah, missed 'em at Montreal Night 1) would satify my craving for their intense live show. Wrong. Just made me want to see them again and soon. Well, after each Radiohead opener set, they made sure to inform us that they had a new album coming out and that they would be back in the fall. They weren't lying (like the Crystal Skulls, who better get to NYC soon, or else!). I was hoping for Warsaw again, but instead, Nokia Theatre is the place this time around. Pfork says that they will be playing there on Friday (!) Nov 3rd. A ways off, but I'm psyched nonetheless. They will be in Boston on 11/2 and Philly on 11/4, so no open day for an added show in Brooklyn (did I mention that I really want to see them at Warsaw again). Maybe they'll come back after DC. Check Pfork for all the dates.

Pic above via Nev Brown's Warsaw photos

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's About Time

A-Rod hits a 2-run walk-off home run in the 12th inning. Yankees win 4-3. Hopefully this snaps him out of the funk he has been in.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Supreme Trading - 7/13/06 Insound Pre-Siren Party

Buzz band extravaganza! Not catching Oh No! Oh My! tonight. Good thing they are coming back soon:

Supreme Trading Thu 7/13 7:00PM 21+ $5

Oh No! Oh My! Myspace
The Big Sleep Myspace
Professor Murder <- Lots of mp3s Myspace

I've listened to the Oh No! Oh My! album and the Think About Life album and I like them, but I think I need to give them some more time. I've tried to catch The Big Sleep on several occasions and always seem to miss them. This show is the same night as Okkervil River at Castle Clinton. That show should be over early, leaving plenty of time to get to Brooklyn. People going to see Yo La Tengo at Prospect Park should also consider this show an afterparty. Jerry wanted another TAL show, his wish has been granted.

Update: This event is Insound's Pre-Siren party. Also, The Creatures are DJing (thanx HAD).

Another Update: Think About Life Myspace and Apes & Androids Myspace are no longer a part of this show.

Say Hi To Your Mom - WOXY Lounge Act

Say Hi To Your Mom (Myspace) will be in the WOXY lounge on Wed July 19 at 4:30PM. They will also be at Mercury Lounge this Thursday as part of the Dirty On Purpose record release party. Here's the full lineup:

- 10:30 -
* Record Release Show* DIRTY ON PURPOSE
- 9:30 -
- 8:30 -
- 7:30 -


Monday, June 26, 2006

Full Lineup - Of Montreal Pool Party

Two more openers for Of Montreal on July 30:

Irving (Myspace)
Asobi Seksu (Myspace)

Add these two to already announced Enon (Myspace). The lineup just went from superb to fantastic. List has been updated.

Also - Pool Party website is back to showing Dead Meadow on July 16 and Old School Soul on August 20.

Pela, Human Television - Mercury Lounge

Already had my eye on this show at Mercury Lounge when it was just Pela (Myspace). The addition of Human Television makes it even more appealing. Don't have to wait till August 27th to see them again. I'm interested in seeing who else they add. For now, the lineup looks like this:

Thurs July 27 - $10

- 10:30 -
- 9:30 -


Human Television - WOXY Lounge Act
ERMP - 6/17/06 Via Crappy Camera Phone
This Friday: Seaport -> Merc

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Beirut - Sound Fix Pic

Here it is. My one pic of that amazing performance.


Beirut - HOT at Sound Fix

Friday, June 23, 2006

Pool Party Update

Some more Pool Parties:

Dead Meadow

Detroit Cobras

Archie Bell
Mighty Hannibal
plus more special guests...

Update: Info for the shows on 7/16 and 8/20 has been removed from their website. We'll see what happens.


Initial Lineups for Pool Parties
Jelly NYC - Pool Parties

Win Birdmonster Tix

Everyone else is doing it, so shall I. I have a pair of tix for Birdmonster, By The End Of Tonight, Buxton, and Joseph Francis Machine at Knitting Factory on Saturday, July 1, 2006.

To win this pair of tix all you need to do is email me with some quick feedback regarding The Battering Room. I will pick a winner at random.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I'm so getting the thong.

Be on the lookout for the Official 2006 tour shirt. I'm told that Colin was wearing one at Chicago Night 2.

Update: Awesome.

Mercury Lounge - Tues 6-27-06 / Documentaries

Since I have just recently acquired free tix to this fantastic "showcase" (?), I feel it's only right to give it a post. Here's the lineup:

- 10:30 -
- 9:30 -
- 8:30 -
- 7:30 -

The Grates (Myspace) are headlining and I've heard great things. Seem like they were a highlight at this years SXSW fest. And as for Tokyo Police Club, I was already considering going to this show (before acquiring tix) because this band was on the bill. I hear they are great too. Not familiar with the other two bands, but I may have heard great things about them too, perhaps, and just don't remember.

I was going to go see The Big Buy Tuesday night, but the plan has changed. Speaking of interesting documentaries, looking forward to catching Who Killed The Electric Car? Still haven't seen An Inconvenient Truth, but I'll get around to seeing it soon. And while we are on the subject, here's a list of other docs that I consider required viewing:

1) The Corporation (BUY IT!)
2) Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
3) Fahrenheit 9/11
4) Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
5) Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

Some Seaport News

From the Seaport Music Festival website:

"We hope to try again with Super Furry Animals some time in the future."

That's good to hear. Still bumming a little bit about that show being quasi-rained out.

Also, some info regarding the Grand Finale on Fri Sept 1:

"The Spinto Band with others to be announced soon"


Seaport Music Festival 2006
This Friday: Seaport -> Merc
Summer Shows

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Bamboo Kids

A post about The Bamboo Kids has been long overdue. First saw these guys up in Albany, opening for The Wait. Most memorable moment from the show - A comment regarding Elliot Smith's suicide that I will not repeat here. Use your imagination. These guys will kick you in the forehead, if you need a good kick in the forehead. One upcoming NYC date:

Sat June, 24 2006 at Trash 9:00PM $8
The Bamboo Kids w/The Avatars/The Everyothers/The Defectors

Open Bar 9-10

Photo cred

the lymbyc systym

Mellow. Relaxing. Soothing. Nice.

the lymbyc systym - Myspace

From Arizona to NYC:

Sun June, 25 2006 at pianos
the lymbyc systym w/ mon.key.pod + grimace federation + back ted n ted

Mon June, 26 2006 at trash bar
the lymbyc systym w/ hallelujah boy + back ted n ted

In addition to the songs on their Myspace, they also have a bunch of mp3s you can listen to in the media section of their website.

Drink at Presents - Monday 6/26/06

The Drink at Work Show--This Monday, June 26th!

Monday, June 26th
8:00 P.M.
Ace of Clubs
9 Great Jones Street
(Between Broadway and Lafayette)

Comedy and Music By:
Christian Finnegan
David Rees
Vince Averill
Kambri Crews
DJ Craig Baldo
Sean Crespo


Drink at Presents Is Moving
Drink at Presents - Monday 6/5/06
Drink at Presents...

Radiohead - All I Need

Another new Radiohead song! Download it from Sean, or watch the video.

File under - slow jams.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Great Game Tonight

Yankees answer back three times. A-Rod gets an important RBI. Melky works his magic again (and he needed it after going 1-19). Mariano has his first ever regular season Major League at bat.

But the best part - Bernie has a 5 hit night. He has been HUGE for the Yanks this year.


Built To Spill - Warsaw

Screw Irving Plaza, I'm going to see them at Warsaw. Perogies, polish drafts, and Built to Spill. mmmmmm

Built To Spill
Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY
Tue, Oct 3, 2006 08:00 PM

US $22.00 Tix


Very cheesy Warsaw love. (Quicktime)

Sam Champion mp3s

Haven't checked in with Sam Champion in a while. Just noticed that they have some interesting mp3s available at their myspace. You can download a demo of We Will Awaken and a new song, B Minor Stomp. Only one upcoming show:

The Sleepy Jackson
Sam Champion
at The Bowery Ballroom
Monday, July 24 (8:00 PM doors)
U.S.$14.00 Tix


Loose Record party tonight

Initial Lineups for Pool Parties

And so it begins:

Curated by
Les Savy Fav
Beans with Holy Fuck
Dragons of Zynth

Proton Proton
DJs: Finger on the Pulse


Dead Meadow

The Slip
Mobius Band
Psychic Ills
DJ Child Labor (Flying V, Saturated Colors)
DJ Image (straight from Philly!)

Curated by
Jason Lytle (Grandady)
Bon Savants...
...more to be announced
DJs: All England Club

Of Montreal

Asobi Seksu

DJ: Franki Chan

Detroit Cobras

The Everyothers
Tiny Masters of Today...
more to be announced

Apollo Sunshine
The Harlem Shakes
DJ: Questlove

Curated by Todd Abramson and
Dead Flowers Productions presents
Archie Bell & Mighty Hannibal
backed by The Dansettes
The Fabulous Soul Shakers
plus more special guests...
DJs: Phast Phreedie and Cosmo Baker

AUGUST 27 Curated by ASCAP
The Walkmen
Dr. Dog
Human Television
Elvis Perkins
DJ: Mikey Palms

Spank Rock

Gang Gang Dance
Shy Child
DJs: The Rub

July 30, August 13, and August 27 are all ! GAHHH!

(List updated - 7/16/06)


Jelly NYC - Pool Parties

Mid Year Top Five 2006

We're just about half way through 2006 and I'm experiencing list withdrawal. So here's a list of my Top 5 favorite albums of 2006 so far.

1) Thom Yorke - The Eraser

Yes, it hasn't been released yet, but it has been leaked for a while now and it's everywhere. The album is an instant classic. Harrowdown Hill is my 2nd fav song of 2006 so far.

2) Destroyer's Rubies

I have always preferred the Bejar New Pornographer songs. This album sorta feels like a compilation of those songs.

3) Birdmonster - No Midnight (Myspace)

This album came out of nowhere and was exactly what I was looking for. Straight up rock done right. Contains my #1 fav song of 2006 so far - Spaceman.

4) Islands - Return To The Sea

A beautiful album. Fascinating beginning to end. Interesting imagery. But most of all, satisfied my craving for more Unicorns.

5) Jeniferever - Choose A Bright Morning

Not released in the US yet, but you can get it as an import at Amazon. This album is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. Put it on, sit back, and relax.

For those playing along at home, here was my mid year list for 2005:

1) Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
2) The Frames - Burn The Maps
3) The Decemberists - Picaresque
4) Crystal Skulls - Blocked Numbers
5) Stars - Set Yourself On Fire


Best of List - 2005
Best of List - 2004

Monday, June 19, 2006

Beirut - HOT at Sound Fix

Perhaps a legendary performance. Sweaty. Packed.

One of the best sets I've seen so far this year.

Some folks that were there:

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted


Sound Fix - New Website / Upcoming Instores
Islands - Sound Fix

Up The Empire - Back To WOXY

Up The Empire are returning to the WOXY lounge on Fri, June 30 at 2:00PM. Something to listen to while getting pumped up for the big show at Prospect Park that night and Birdmonster at Sin-e.

Tour dates:

6/22 - Rochester, NY, Bug Jar
6/23 - Bowling Green, OH, Howard's Club Hell w/ The Press Gang
6/24 - Chicago, IL, Empty Bottle w/ Venom Lords, Rollo Tomasi and
Storybook Funeral
6/25 - Louisville, KY, TBA
6/26 - TBA
6/27 - Pittsburgh, PA, Garfield Art Works w/ Cex & Plastic
6/28 - Detroit, MI, Magic Stick w/ Thunderbirds Are Now! and Plastic
6/29 - Columbus, OH, Little Brothers w/ The Plastic Constellations
6/30 - Live On WOXY.COM, 02:00 PM Lounge Act
6/30 - Newport, KY, Southgate House w/ Plastic Constellations
7/01 - Cincinnati, OH, 2816 Euclid Ave. w/ Dead Flowers (CD Release)
7/07 - Brooklyn, NY, Brooklyn Lyceum (4th Ave, Park Slope) w/ Man In
Gray, Terset (CD Release party)

And here's a link to a new song called Volcano that will be the single from the unreleased "Light Rides The Super Major" album.

Volcano - mp3

Speaking of the WOXY lounge, The Spinto Band's session from today is already available for download.

The Spinto Band - Live at WOXY - mp3

The Picture are performing in 45 minutes.


Up The Empire - Brooklyn Lyceum
Up The Empire

Jelly NYC - Pool Parties

I'm excited, are you? Website coming soon.

Jelly NYC

Broken Social Scene - China Club

This show is happening. First heard about it via BV. Then I get an email from Filter with upcoming NYC shows and it also says that Broken Social Scene will be at China Club on Sun July 9. BV said that PLJ might have something to do with it so I called them. They told me that they are NOT sponsoring a BSS show at China Club. Then I called the China Club and they told me that BSS ARE PERFORMING ON SUNDAY JULY 9. The only thing they knew was that they are going on at 9:00PM. To be continued.....

Update: I've now been told that this show is a "private event" that "some organization" (???) is putting on. Apparently you have to "win tickets". ok.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

ERMP - 6/17/06 Via Crappy Camera Phone

There something charming about really bad pictures taken with a camera phone.

Welcome to ERMP.

Sade, hold'n it down. Literally.

Meneguar were tight. Reminded me of a less cheesy version of We Are Scientists. Need to see these guys again.

Human Television were sloppy, but their songs sounded great. In fact - *puts on album*

Mobius Band and a Barge.

Saturday Looks Good To Me and a tugboat.

Decent turnout.

Gotta love porta potty sponsors. This one was sponsored by Nordic Sportswear.

This guy's now in my possession.

Big shout-outs to A) The Gorch, B) The cracked out/deranged/drunk guy who had no problem with walking right up on stage and talking to the lead singer of SLGTM, MID-SONG, asking him to play some Reggae, and C) the female ERMP staffer who got street on that guy.


East River Music Project - June '06

Friday, June 16, 2006

....and The Gaskets

Birdmonster - Download Their WOXY Lounge Act

Just became available. I listened to the entire thing live Guys, I did not need anymore reason to be excited about your NYC dates, but ok. You've gone and raised my level of excitement to "Super Fun Fantastic". Via WOXY:

Performed June 16, 2006

We started reading about San Francisco's Birdmonster earlier this year, but were turned on to them by our friend Rob who raved that they were the best band he saw this year at SXSW.

Shortly afterwards the band e-mailed us and asked if they could send us a copy of their cd. Turns out, they were longtime listeners of the station! We got the cd and started playing the hell out of it and now we're so pleased to have been able to host them in the Lounge while on their first journey out east.

If you haven't picked up the band's self-released debut album "No Midnight", you can order it directly from their website.

Track Listing:
Ice Age
'Cause You Can
The Bar In The Back Of The Basement
- interview -
Resurrection Song

Audio Archive

Download MP3 (34:48)

I stand by my statement that Spaceman is THE BEST SONG OF 2006 (so far).


Birdmonster - WOXY Lounge Act
Birdmonster - "east coast bound"
Enough With The Baseball - Here's Some Music

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Loved Season 1. Buy it if it ever comes out on DVD.

Season 2 starts Thursday June 29. Fire up the DVRs/Tivos/VCRs/Betas?

Question -> If the US was a monarcy, would Mr. Devito be Sir Danny Devito?


Bonnaroo Webcast Schedule

Just noticed this at WOXY (thanx Shiv):

For those of us that didn't go camping out in Tennessee this week for Bonnaroo, there's still a way for you to get a taste of the fest. Sadly, there's no Radiohead included in this schedule, but there's still some cool stuff to tune in for. It's all going to be streaming from AT&T's blue room:

The webcast schedule is as follows (all times are central time):

Friday June 16th Lineup
12:30 PM World Party
01:00 PM Andrew Bird
02:00 PM Ben Folds
03:00 PM Steel Pulse
04:30 PM Devendra Banhart
05:30 PM Oysterhead
07:30 PM Bright Eyes
08:30 PM Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Saturday June 17th, Lineup
12:30 PM Neville Brothers
02:00 PM Buddy Guy
03:15 PM Dungen
04:00 PM Gomez
05:30 PM Elvis Costello and The Imposters
07:00 PM Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
08:30 PM My Morning Jacket

Sunday June 18th Lineup
12:30 PM Brothers Past
01:30 PM Les Claypool
03:00 PM The Codetalkers feat. Bruce Hampton
04:00 PM Matisyahu
05:30 PM moe
07:00 PM Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
08:30 PM Phil Lesh & Friends
10:30 PM Very Special Guest

No Radiohead??? bummer.

Up The Empire - Brooklyn Lyceum

Via their Myspace:

July, 7 2006 at Brooklyn Lyceum w/ Man In Gray & Terset

Nice. Gotta love the weekend shows. This will be the rock with some roll sprinkled on top.


Up The Empire

Eagle*Seagull - Pianos

Excellent! Eagle*Seagull are coming (back?) to NYC. They will be at Pianos on Sat(!) Aug 19, 2006.



Benzos - Tonic 6/30/06

Something else to do after the big show at Prospect Park. Go see Benzos at Tonic at 10:00PM. Or you could just stick to the plan.


Benzos - Tiswas 2.0

Drink at Presents Is Moving

Drink at Presents


Drink at Presents - Monday 6/5/06
Drink at Presents...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Greetings From Montreal

Here are some pics and quick thoughts from Montreal. Crappy camera phone pics can be cool too.

Saw a bunch of these statues throughout Montreal. Don't know the significance, but they looked amazing.

Place des Arts by night.

Place des Arts by day.

The hotel we stayed at in '03, which oddly is directly across the street from Place des Arts.

The hotel for '06.

Drank some Rickards with friends. Need to see if my local distributor carries it.

Go here when you are in Montreal. It's on Ste-Catherine a few blocks away from Place des Arts.

Another of Foufounes Electriques. Also known as "The Spider Bar".

Couche-Tard. Need I say more?

More Pics of Radiohead at The Theater @ MSG

Via Bao:

Some Pics of Radiohead at The Theatre @ MSG

Via Nev Brown: