Friday, June 16, 2006

Birdmonster - Download Their WOXY Lounge Act

Just became available. I listened to the entire thing live Guys, I did not need anymore reason to be excited about your NYC dates, but ok. You've gone and raised my level of excitement to "Super Fun Fantastic". Via WOXY:

Performed June 16, 2006

We started reading about San Francisco's Birdmonster earlier this year, but were turned on to them by our friend Rob who raved that they were the best band he saw this year at SXSW.

Shortly afterwards the band e-mailed us and asked if they could send us a copy of their cd. Turns out, they were longtime listeners of the station! We got the cd and started playing the hell out of it and now we're so pleased to have been able to host them in the Lounge while on their first journey out east.

If you haven't picked up the band's self-released debut album "No Midnight", you can order it directly from their website.

Track Listing:
Ice Age
'Cause You Can
The Bar In The Back Of The Basement
- interview -
Resurrection Song

Audio Archive

Download MP3 (34:48)

I stand by my statement that Spaceman is THE BEST SONG OF 2006 (so far).


Birdmonster - WOXY Lounge Act
Birdmonster - "east coast bound"
Enough With The Baseball - Here's Some Music


At 6/16/2006 10:43 PM, Anonymous Rachael said...

i'll stand by that too!

At 6/17/2006 1:53 AM, Anonymous snoflingor said...

The Bmonster lounge was awesome...especially the vocals. I sort of think this is what separates the bboys from the rest of the pack. Peter (lead singer) doesn't talk, he actually SINGS and he doesn't try to get all quirky, he uses his pipes just like the good lord intended them to be used.


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