Monday, October 30, 2006

The Whole Fantastic World - Chicago Show

The Whole Fantastic World saga continues.

A Chitown date has appeared:

Thurs Nov 16. The Darkroom.

If they can play in Chicago on Nov 16, why can't they play NYC on Nov 3? GRRRRRRRR!

Previously...and this...

Modular @ CMJ


CMJ 2006 - Day 0

Oh crap. It's here.

Well actually, CMJ Music Marathon '06 doesn't start until tomorrow, but I already got my first taste of CMJ related action today, so it feels like it has begun.

Stopped by Gigantic Studios today to meet up with my good bud Amy and checked out a couple KEXP in-studios while I was there.

Bound Stems were...soooo great. I LOVE this band. They are officially my The Most Serene Republic of 2006. They played four songs, including (one i can't remember), Refuse the Refuse, Excellent News, Colonel, and Risking Life and Limb for the Coupon. I'm smitten. Make them a CMJ priority. Seriously.

Next up was Darc Mind and WOW, I've already had my first amazing CMJ discovery. Had never heard of these guys before and was very glad that I just stumbled upon them. Their brand of hip hop is the kind that I really love. HIGHLY recommended for casuals fans of MF Doom, Danger Mouse, Mad Lib, and everyone else that is involved in that scene. An MC, a 2nd MC that also worked the beats, and a bass player who was laying down some of the best bass lines I've ever heard. I HAVE to get my hands on their album Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill, which was recorded 10 years ago (!?!?!) and was only just released. I don't see any other CMJ dates for them and there are none listed on their Myspace, so I'm very glad that I caught this.

Took a few of my infamous crappy camera phone pics of Bound Stems performing, but they are just far to crappy to post. Good news though - I have acquired a very nice lil digi cam to use for CMJ, so be on the look out for some crappy digi cam pics in the near future.

FYI - I heard the most mind destroying, holy crap, boombastic, dear god, wow KEXP related news today, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to let the cat out the bag, so I'm not going to post it, but if you see me out 'n about ask me and I'll tell you and most likely you'll tell me that you already know. If not - prepare to have your mind destroyed.

Also - stopped by The Fader House today. They didn't have a finalized lineup yet, but the space looks rad. 2 floors. Mountain of Red Stripe. So excited.

Sam Champion @ CMJ

421 W. 54th Street (b/w 9th and 10th aves)
4-8 PM
food, drinks, guitar hero II
w/ dirty on purpose, early greyhound, and tia carrere (no, not
wayne's world)

125 Fifth Ave (Park Slope)
w/ IV Thieves (Nic Armstrong)
we play at 9pm
$8 or badge

259 Banker Street
The Horrors---------------------12:30am
Ra-Ra Riot----------------------11:30pm
The Thermals------------------10:30pm
Sam Champion----------------9:30pm
Ferraby Lionheart-------------7:45pm
Brooklyn Playboys-----------7:00pm
Echo Station--------------------6:00pm
Between Set Music Provided By Marc Spitz, DJ Del, 3xWes, & Late Night
Special Guest DJ's

Mussels @ CMJ

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Muggabears @ CMJ

Flameshovel @ CMJ

Yacht Rock @ Fontanas!

Between the years of 1976-1984 the radio waves were dominated by really smooth music, also known as 'YACHT ROCK!'

Yacht Rock bliss

The Blog of the Ghost of Koko Goldstein

Saturday, October 28, 2006

KNOCKOUT! - Thank You

Thank you to

- Matchless for having us and making the night run so smoothly.

- All the bands.

- Nora & Rachael for playing hours of fantastic music.

- Everyone that came out.

- Scott for making the flyer.

- Julie, Prav, Jen, Pat, Wes, and everyone else that helped with advice, support, or wrote about the show and helped get the word out.

Look out for another show coming soon!

If anyone has any photos of the show, send them my way and I'll post them.

Slowlands @ CMJ

CMJ @ Sound Fix

Via Sound Fix:

Wednesday, Nov. 1:
1pm: Swearing at Motorists
2pm: Darker My Love
3pm: LaRocca
4pm: Dirty on Purpose
5pm: Changes
6pm: Takka Takka
7pm: The Devastations
8pm: The Drones

Thursday, Nov. 2
1pm: My Brightest Diamond
2pm: Shapes and Sizes
3pm: The Isles
5pm: Pop Levi
6pm: Chin Up Chin Up

Friday, Nov. 3
2pm Frida Hyvonen
4pm Alela Diane
6pm Micah P. Hinson
7pm Diamond Nights

Saturday, Nov. 4
1pm Benjy Ferree
2pm Ladybug Transistor
3pm White Whale
4pm Portastatic
5pm David Bazan (Pedro the Lion)

Friday, October 27, 2006


Info is here

WOXY Sponsored CMJ Events


WOXY.COM and The Tripwire Presents

Earlimart at Union Hall!
Nov. 1st, 2006
702 Union Street at 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
w/ Foundry Field Recordings and Frida Hyvonen
Doors 8pm
tickets at:


WOXY.COM is proud to present Polyvinyl's CMJ Showcase! The show is taking place on Thursday, November 2nd @ Europa in Brooklyn, NY.

$10/doors at 7:30pm
goodie bags for the first 50 people

8:45pm CALE PARKS (solo -- member of Aloha)
Midnight ALOHA

Buy tickets online here!

FYI - Oh No! Oh My! are live in the WOXY lounge TODAY at 4:30PM.

Here the updated list of upcoming WOXY lounge acts:

10/27 Oh No! Oh My! 4:30pm
10/30 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin 4:00pm
11/3 Charlotte Martin 3:00pm
11/6 Pernice Brothers 3:00pm
11/7 Chin Up Chin Up 12:30pm
11/30 The Scourge Of The Sea 1:00pm

Up The Empire @ Beg Your Pardon #11

More info @ BYP

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Hold Steady w/ Constantines - Warsaw

Was already considering checking out The Hold Steady at Warsaw on Wed Nov 22. Now it is has been announced that Constantines are opening. Very cool. I haven't seen Constantines in about a year. I think the last time was last year's Sub Pop Showcase at Bowery. Definitely want to see them again. Tix are on sale. $17 if you buy at Warsaw. A lot more if you buy online.

BTW - This was the night that Built To Spill were allegedly returning to Warsaw. Hmmmm. That sucks.

JellyNYC @ Southpaw - Sat Dec 9

Just noticed this at Southpaw's website:

SAT. 12/9
...from the folks that brought you POoL PARTIES @ McCarren Pool
comes a very special night celebrating the Holiday season more details t.b.a


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About....


First of all - Matchless.

If you have been there than you know how great it is. If you haven't been there before you are in for a treat. Nice sized bar. Lots of interesting beers on tap. Some comfy tables and booths. It's awesome. And they have just made it even awesomer by adding a brand new sound room, that is located behind the bar (it's to the left when you walk in). A nice lil room that is about the same size as Union Hall's basement and reminds me of Rothko (because it's red).

McCarren Park Pool is right across the street and Warsaw is right down the block on Driggs, so if you have been to either of those places, you know how to get to Matchless. Relatively easy to get to by subway. Take the L to Bedford, walk one block to Driggs and then walk down to Manhattan Ave. If you don't feel like walking that far (it's really not that far), take the G to Nassau and walk down one block to Driggs. If coming by car, let mapquest be your guide. It's pretty much right off the BQE.

My fav place to eat in Greenpoint, Enids, is on the opposite corner and if you get to Greenpoint early Friday night I highly recommend eating dinner there, hell, you may even see me there.

Now about the bands:

Here's the lineup w/ set times:

8:00PM Mussels
9:00PM Aeroplane Pageant
10:00PM Lolita Bras
11:00PM The Mugs


I have listened to their 2005 Night Lights EP more than anything else so far this year, because well, I didn't get my hands on it until this year. And because it is SOOOOOO good. This is their first "official" show since this show. Basically, I wanted to see them again so bad that I took matters into my own hands. The band has been working on their new album Little Voices, which is just about finished, and they are looking forward to playing songs from it for you Friday night.

Aeroplane Pageant - Myspace - Previously

It's no mystery that Aeroplane Pageant are one of my favorite bands. I want them to be one of YOUR fav bands. They also have a new album, Wave To The Moon, about finished up and will be playing lots of songs from it.

Lolita Bras - Myspace - Previously

I've been a Lolita Bras fan for a long time. I'm talking way back. Like Mothlight way back. Like Dollhouse Architects way back. Ahh the Luna Lounge, how I miss thee. Lolita Bras are destined for big things. They continue to develop their sound and write songs that sick in your head for days. The band had to cancel a bunch of recent shows and are very excited to get back on stage and play some tunes for you. They are on the verge of a tour down the east coast and are building up momentum with some local shows, starting with this one. Lolita Bras have also been working on new material that I'm looking forward to hearing.

The Mugs - Myspace - Previously

The Mugs are a new fav for me and one of my fav discoveries of 2006. Paper Sissors Rock is a shoe-in for my best of 2006 list. The guys just got back from a tour to the west coast and are looking forward to rockin the hometown crowd.

The DJs - Nora (i rock i roll) & Rachael (underrated)

DJs of the highest caliber. They will be playing music all night in the bar area of Matchless. They have DJed at Friction and are the regular djs at The Skinny on Thursday nights. They also are the hosts of The Blog show on BreakThru Radio. Not to mention all around rad chicks. I'm told that Friday night is going to be all about Yacht Rock. HELL YEAH!

So come out Friday night and get fired up for CMJ next week by checking out four of NYC's best bands!

Finest Dearest - New 7"

In anticipation of their new Off Sides 7" record release party in San Fran next wednesday, Finest Dearest have posted the A-side "Making A Sound 1" on their Myspace. The song is excellent and this band continues to impress me. Someone please get these guys to the east coast. If you are on the west coast:

Where: Cafe du Nord
When: Wednesday, Nov. 1st
With: Love is Chemicals, Teri Falini


WOXY / Finest Dearest

Halloween @ Union Hall

Ear Farm is sponsoring this show too:

Monday, October 23, 2006

Kenny Rogers = Cheater

Take that GVB.

Yacht Rock

My latest sick obsession.

Here's more.

News From The Rosebuds

Here's the good news:

So we are in the studio now recording our third full length. It is yet to be titled, even though we have a a pretty good idea of what it will be! But we have about 5 songs left to put vocals on, and and then off to mixing it goes. I think this is going to be our best record ever. Some close to the project say it is our guilty pleasures record, and I would have to agree. We have been recording the majority of the album at our home studio with the help of a number of guys who have bailed us out of one tight spot after another. So I think we are looking at a Feb-Mar 2007 release date so mark it on your calendars!

Here's the bad news:

But all this recording has kinda taken a toll on the fall tour and that looks like it may not be happening.

Although there is light at the end of the tunnel:

But the Spring will be full of Rosebuds tour dates so keep those idea coming in.


The Rosebuds Want To Play For You
The Rosebuds - Working On Album #3, Demo mp3

If You Haven't Seen Man Man Yet

Warp Records and Bleep Present
An NYC Live Spectacular
Saturday 18 November 2006
Jamie Lidell
Man Man
James T Cotton
Warp & Bleep DJs

Webster Hall
125 East 11th Street
New York City

Afterparty: 11pm - 5am with ticket stub

Tickets @ Ticketweb

or Mercury Lounge box office
217 E. Houston - NYC



...and this too

White Whale Out / SSLYBY In

This show has changed. Instead of White Whale, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin is playing. I guess they took my advice about the LIE. Tix still on sale here.

While on the topic of LI shows, Aeroplane Pageant take things down a notch after the Friday night KNOCKOUT! blowout and play an acoustic show at The Harbor Ale House on Bayview St. in Seaford. This show is a Beer: The Movie 2 release party with Peter Toh, Ultra High Frequency, Disarming Arctica and The Lawn Wranglers.

BTW: Another excellent CMJ showcase:

The Gothamist House - Thurs Nov 2

Another solid lineup:

2:15 - Pela (myspace)
3:00 - Devastations (myspace)
3:45 - Land of Talk (myspace)
4:30 - Tall Hands (myspace)
5:15 - Bound Stems (myspace)
6:00 - Snowden (myspace)
6:45 - Apples in Stereo (myspace)
7:30 - TBA!

All the shows will be at The White Rabbit on East Houston, and all the bands are preparing acoustic, or otherwise stripped down sets to perform. Shows are free to attend (21+). No badges, no cover, nothing like that. We'll be announcing the Friday lineup, as well as that final band in the next few days, so stay tuned!


The Gothamist House - Sat Nov 4

Cornelius - Australian Tour, Coming To The US!

Oh man. This is big:

Hey Everyone

After a long wait, Cornelius has finshed his new album, and is beginning to return to touring. The first stop on his world tour is a mini-tour of Australia, featuring four fantastic shows.

Saturday December 2nd - Queensland Gallery of Modern Art - This is a free show sponsored by QGMA, and will also have a video loop of his pieces running as well.

Wednesday December 6th - Metro in Sydney - Buy tickets at all of your local outlets.

Thursday December 7th - Hi Fi Bar in Melbourne - Buy tickets at all of your local outlets.

Saturday December 9th - Meredith Music Festival - With Band of Horses, Datarock, Soundtracks of Our Lives, Tapes 'n' Tapes, and many more!! Tickets are SOLD OUT!!

To the rest....the album will be out in early 2007, and Cornelius will tour the US and Europe....Stay tuned for more details.

Ape Shall Never Kill Ape

Very, very exciting news.


Cornelius - Music

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Benzos - CMJ Update, Branches

Some great news from Benzos:

Well, it's that time again...CMJ is here!

For those of you who haven't seen us in awhile, be prepared to hear all
new music to be featured on our upcoming album, Branches (slated for
late winter/early spring release), which the band has been hard at work
on all summer (and finishing up this month) with producers, Woody
Ranere (of Lake Trout) and Steve Wright at Wrightway Studios in
Baltimore, Maryland.

This album marks the next mature step in the band's mission of fully
intergrated electronic (trip-hop/dnb/house) & ambient rock music and
we're happy to bring it all to you live months before it's release!

For those who HAVE seen us recently, well, we'll be blowing your minds
once again and rockin' socks off!

Below is all our show info for the week:

Tues. 10/31 8:00 PM - CMJ Showcase - Mercury Lounge
217 E. Houston St, NYC -

Wed. 11/01 10:00 PM - CMJ/Urban Groove Party @ Happy Valley
14 E 27th St, New York, NYC - Free Show.

Fri. 11/03 6:30 PM - CMJ/Gothamist Party @ White Rabbit - Acoustic
145 East Houston Street, NYC - Free Show.

Sat. 11/04 11:00 PM - CMJ Party/Tiswas 2.0 @ The Annex
152 Orchard Street, NYC - Benzos Headlining!

*Another bonus of making your appearance at one or more of these gigs
is that you'll be able to pick up a copy of the Benzos "Live '06 EP"
which was recorded in Hi-Fi superness on Benzos' March tour and is
being sold at shows and via email request only at the web addresses
below. This EP contains songs from "Morning Stanzas" (the blue around
you, you're forever an hourglass & glass souls) as well as songs from
the forthcoming, "Branches" (bella, translucent, phase 2, & teach me)
with some live goodies in the form of extended versions of a few songs
that you can only witness at a Benzos show (and no show is ever the
same twice!).

So that makes 4 shows for Benzos. I HIGHLY recommend going to that acoustic show. The last time I saw Benzos was their acoustic show at Pianos. It was incredible.

Can't wait to get my hands on Branches!


Benzos @ CMJ

Tapes & Tapes @ Other Music

In case you didn't know:

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ra Ra Riot @ CMJ

Ra Ra Riot are playing at 6 CMJ shows. 6!

Show #1

Tues Oct 31 @ Pianos w/ Forget Cassettes

Show #2

Wed Nov 1 @ Pianos - Kanine Records Showcase

Show #3

Thurs Nov 2 @ Hiro Ballroom

Show #4

Fri Nov 4 @ Studio B

Show #5

Sat Nov 4 @ Sin-e

Show #6

Sat Nov 4 @ Midway - Modular Showcase

Any band with more than 6?


The Annex - Thurs Sept 21, Ra Ra Riot

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cold War Kids - WOXY Lounge Act

Just announced.

This Mon Oct 23. 1:30PM.

I hope they tell P-fork where to put it.

CMJ @ Union Hall - Flyer

Wish I had a larger version of this, so that the print wasn't so tiny. Oh well, it rules regardless.

Living Vicariously Through Nancy

And here's another one.

It goes black at the end because the bear jumps on her.


CMJ @ Cake Shop

This list is not complete.

Because look! Right off the bat, here's a show you want to know about:

Tues Oct 31

'Sup Magazine and Music For Robots Day Party

Findlay Brown (UK)
Birdmonster (San Francisco)
Sebsatien Schuller (Philadelphia/Paris)
Durrty Nana's (BKLYN)
Black Gold (NYC)

FREE! 2pm-6pm

And here's another one:


Juryrig presents:
2006 CMJ Throwdown
Village Green
Free for all, no badge required.
21 and over

So you now have 4! chances to see Birdmonster at CMJ. The show above, KCRW, Productshop, and Underrated.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Reminder - Minus The Bear @ WOXY

In about 15 minutes.

Tune in.

And De Novo Dahl have been added to the schedule. They are going to be in the WOXY lounge this Fri at 4:00. Happy Hour Session! Nice. I have a link to their last WOXY session here.


CMJ @ Union Hall - Update

Here's the updated list:

Wed Nov 1: Earlimart(!) + The Foundry Field Recordings + Frida Hyvonen, 8pm.

Thurs Nov 2: Mint Records' night!! Sparrow (Jason Zumpano's new band) + Novillero + The Awkward Stage + The Bicycles. With DJ AC Newman spinning tunes all night long! 8pm.

Fri Nov 3: Division Day (oh yes!) + The Changes + The Isles + Kunek (four of our favorite bands on one show, holy shit!), 8pm.

Sat Nov 4: daytime ALL AGES show with Hysterics + Tiny Masters Of Today + Care Bears On Fire + Magnolia + Fiasco, 2pm-5pm.

Sat Nov 4: night time action California style! with Monsters Are Waiting + Irving + La Rocca (recently seen opening for Phoenix). 8pm.


Tickets for all shows (except for the all ages daytime one) on right now unless you have a CMJ badge in case it's free for you pending capacity issues.


Annuals are going to be at Union Hall on Fri Nov 17 w/ Evangelicals. Tix on sale. $10.


Thom On A Bike

Via DAS:

Apparently he is thinking about not touring anymore. Via Atease:

"I would consider refusing to tour on environmental grounds, if nothing started happening to change the way the touring operates," Yorke revealed.

"Some of our best ever shows have been in the US, but there's 80,000 people there and they've all been sitting in traffic jams for five or six hours with their engines running to get there, which is bollocks."

Sure Thom, whatever you say. Just for the record, I have used mass transit or walked to every RH show I've ever attended, except for Coachella. I wish I could have used mass transit for Coachella.

In case you didn't know, yeah, they are back in the studio. And Nigel is there:

Pat points out that The Rawking Refuses To Stop! has some covers by Radiohead.

KEXP / Friction CMJ '06 Showcase - Update

Magneta Lane out. Uncut in.


Flyers For CMJ Showcases You Should Go To
KEXP / FRICTION CMJ '06 Showcase

Hey You Cali Folks - Up The Empire

Be on the lookout! Up The Empire are coming your way!

WED: Oct 18th ::: The Mint - Los Angeles, CA

THU: Oct 19th ::: Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco, CA - w/ Boyskout

FRI: Oct 20th ::: The Gingerbread House - San Jose, CA - w/ Boyskout (email us for the location)

SAT: Oct 21st ::: Pehr Space - Los Angeles, CA - w/ Anchors for Architects

Spread the word. And go to their Myspace and download their new song Volcano.

Stream - Wires In The Walls

One of my fav albums of 2006. Listen to the entire album here. CMJ info here.


The North Atlantic

The Gothamist House - Sat Nov 4

Via Gothamist:

We'd like to officially announce the lineup for the Saturday show, which will run from 2 till 8pm on November 4th at the White Rabbit on East Houston street. Each of the bands will perform a special acoustic or otherwise stripped down set. As we mentioned before, the shows will all be free and open to the public, so anyone (21+, unfortunately) is welcome to stop by, grab a drink and check out the bands! There is much more to be announced very soon, including the lineups for the rest of the days, so stay tuned!

2:15 -
The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers (Listen at Myspace)
3:00 -
Judah Johnson (myspace)
3:45 -
Wooden Wand (myspace)
4:30 -
The End of the World (myspace)
5:15 -
Loney, Dear (myspace)
6:00 -
Panda & Angel (myspace)
6:45 -
Cities (myspace)
7:30 -
Charles Bissell (of the Wrens) (myspace)

The End Of The World!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crashin In - This Friday @ Galapagos

I know I just posted about this, but I can't help posting about it again, because this flyer is dope.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Please Note

Please note that if there is some extreme emergency and you are not able to make it to Mercury Lounge this Sat for Bound Stems / Maritime, you can catch Maritime when they come back on Sun Dec 3 for a show at Southpaw. This is the first show @ Southpaw that has got my attention in a while. Perhaps this is a sign of good things to come.

Please note that Mercury Lounge is NOT the only place that Cloud Cult are playing while in town for CMJ. Details TBA.

Please note that The Muggabears are getting B.U.Z.Z. It sounds like they were great at Beg Yr Pardon. Crackers United is also diggin 'em. Three chances to see them: This Fri Oct 20 at the Crashin' In party at Galapagos, during CMJ at Midway on Tues Oct 31, and at Glasslands on Fri Nov 10.

Please note that Magneta Lane are no longer a part of the Friction CMJ Showcase.

Please note that Small Sins @ Sound Fix has been moved from this past Sunday to this Sat Oct 21 at 2:00PM.

Please note that Up The Empire and the lymbyc systym have posted new songs on their Myspaces.

Please note that the new Brand New album The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is available for pre-order at:, and Everyone who pre-orders will receive a copy of the "Sowing Season (Yeah)" cd single with their order. The single has completely different art from the album and contains the b-side "Coca Cola".

That's it. Goodnight!

Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect

Just got around to watching last weeks episode. Another classic ending made even better by the use of the perfect song for the moment. Man this show is great.

Update: Tonight - Bones bones brittle little bones!



Lolita Bras @ R&R - This Friday

Terrorbird CMJ '06 Showcase

Terrorbird @ CMJ 2006!
2 Rooms
Saturday, November 4th, 12-5pm
@ Fontanas
105 Eldridge St., NYC, NY
Open to the public, drink tickets!


Live Acts Downstairs:
Darc Mind (Anticon)- CMJ exclusive reunion performance!
Cadence Weapon (Upper Class)
Macromantics (Kill Rock Stars)
Forget Cassettes (Theory 8)
The Fucking Ocean
Famous Class Records: Boogie Boarder / Snakes Say Hisss! - CMJ exclusive performance!

DJs Upstairs:
Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral Sound) + Patrick Russell (Fresh Corporation)
MachineDrum (Normrex, Merck)
Egg Foo Young (Turntable Lab, NYC)
Book Rate DJs: Lazy Brow & Tin Cup (Terrorbird)
D.Fish (Mush)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Todd P Shows Happening During CMJ

Holy Crap. Via Todd P's website:

TUESDAY 10/31 @ 3RD WARD - tentative


Dan Deacon

WEDNESDAY 11/1 @ 3RD WARD (3 stages) - tentative


Fatal Flying Guilloteens
Diane and the Shell (Italy)*
The International Playboys (Missoula, Montana, on tour with Nomeansno)


Gorch Fock*
MC Trachiotomy*
Tia Carrera

:: STAGE III (through high places' PA)

This Invitation
High Places*


Eric Gaffney

THURSDAY 11/2 @ 3RD WARD (3 stages) - tentative




Green Milk from the Planet orange (Japan)*
Starlite Desperation


Professor Murder
Birds of Avalon*


Rah Bras*
Die! Die! Die!
The Mall*

:: EARLY @ 4:30PM (through gorch fock's PA)

Henry Tennis
Gorch Fock
Birds of Maya

THURSDAY 11/2 @ UNCLE PAULIE'S - tentative



FRIDAY 11/3 @ UNCLE PAULIE'S - tentative

Dynamite Arrows
Maps and Atlases
When Dinosaurs Ruled the earth
Raise the Red Lantern

FRIDAY 11/3 @ 339 SCHOLES ST WAREHOUSE - tentative


Erase Errata

FRIDAY 11/3 @ SYRUP ROOM - tentative


WZT Hearts
Food for Animals
Leb Laze
Lexie Mountain Boys
Yip Yip


High Places
Hawnay Troof
No Age
Pit Er Pat



COACH FINGERS (members of no neck blues band)
special "phone it in" set by THE PUNKS

DJ sets by Porkchop Sound System and Rezound + Workweek in between sets...

SATURDAY 11/4 @ SYRUP ROOM - tentative

Nicole Atkins (TENTATIVE)

End Of The World Record Release Party

Happy B-Day OMR!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

30 Rock

This show is hysterical. So far it is easily my favorite new fall-season show. So well written. Perfectly casted. Tracy Morgan is a riot. Alec Baldwin is as great as always. I think my fav character is the tour guide / assistant guy. He's the blonde guy in the pic above. With this show, Heroes, and Studio 60, NBC is kickin some ass.

Sound Fix Is Going Instore Nutty

Here's the updated list of upcoming Sound Fix instores:

Small Sins - Sun Oct 15 2:00PM

The indie electronica of Small Sins is supercatchy stuff, bringing to mind the sweet hooks of Death Cab for Cutie and the more melodic synth-based electronica on labels like Morr and Warp.

Au Revoir Simone - Sun Oct 15 4:00PM

We've been trying to book this one for a while. Before embarking on an international tour, Au Revoir Simone kicks things off at Sound Fix. Like a lo-fi Stereolab or Broadcast, this all-gal, all-keyboard trio makes some of the sweetest, smoothest electropop you'll hear.

Wussy - Tues Oct 17 7:30PM

One of our favorite "under the radar" records this year is the debut from Cincinnati's Wussy, a band led by Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver of the Ass Ponys. The two trade lead vocals with a Midwestern twang amid a Velvet-like guitar attack that's pure pleasure.

Tokyo Police Club - Wed Oct 18 6:00PM

The buzz machine is at full-throttle for this foursome from Newcastle, Ontario, and their infectious, hooks-driven pop. Their debut record hits our stores on October 3. You may not know them now, but you will soon.

Masha Qrella - Thurs Oct 19 7:30PM

One of the finest artists on the Morr label (Lali Puna, Mum), Germany's Masha Qrella stops by for an evening of delightful electro-pop.

The Kooks - Sat Oct 28 3:00PM

Britain's Kooks deliver exuberant power pop, channeling a raft of classic rock machismo, attitude and sass yet cooled off with the flush strum of nylon-stringed ballads. This precocious four-piece can get your heart racing or make it stop on a dime.

And this doesn't even include possible CMJ shows, which there were a number of last year.

Benzos @ CMJ

Three opportunities to see Benzos during CMJ.

I've already posted one of them:

Tues Oct 31 - Mercury Lounge

Here's two more:

Wed Nov 1 - Happy Valley - Urban Groove Party

I'm not familiar with Happy Valley. What's this place like? It's located at 14 East 27th St.

Sat Nov 4 - The Annex - Tiswas 2.0 w/ the Idyllists & the Cinematics

Apparently the Tiswas people love Benzos as much as I do.

Also of interest, Benzos are playing at the Terrace Club at Princeton on Thurs Nov 9 w/ Lake Trout & Shelby. Damn, that lineup has me written all over it. AND it's a WOXY sponsored show. A WOXY sponsored show? Those guys really are back with a vengeance. Wonder if they have anything up their sheeves for CMJ.

Aeroplane Pageant - News, New Song

Via their Myspace, where you can listen "All The Days":

The home stretch has arrived and we're in the final stages of our full-length LP titled "Wave To The Moon". We've all been working hard with our friend/producer Shane Stonebeck and things are really rolling along and we're all really proud of the results so far, so, we've gone ahead and posted the new tune "All The Days". Hope ya'll enjoy it. Thanks to everyone for supporting and coming out to the shows and all that good stuff and thanks for listening. We will see you at the end of this month at the CMJ festival and all of our other shows coming up this fall/winter. Enjoy the weather. It's perfect.

You must come to KNOCKOUT! and see this band live. You really must.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

CMJ @ Mercury Lounge - Sat

Sat Nov 4 @ Mercury Lounge:

- 12:00 -
- 11:00 -
- 10:00 -
- 9:00 -
- 8:00 -
- 7:00 -


CMJ @ Mercury Lounge

Earlimart @ & Around CMJ

Two shows are already announced:

Mercury Lounge on Mon Oct 30


Windish Agency Showcase at Northsix on Thurs Nov 2

Earlimart are now giving a heads up to watch for a possible "secret" show somewhere in Park Slope.

Another Union Hall secret show, perhaps? Mmmmm, I hope so.

Also, Aaron Espinoza will be djing at the Jane CMJ party on Fri Nov 3:

oh and if you like to shake your rump, i'll (aaron) be doing a little dj'ing at the JANE party in ny nov. 3rd. dj ESP hope you like them bee gee's

Pitchfork today has lots of info about the new album and an mp3.


Earlimart News

Joe Torre - Still Manager Of The Yankees

Good decision. He has got them into the post-season again and again by piecing the team together and mixing things up while dealing with countless injuries. It's not his fault that the offence forgets to hit in the post-season.

Now lets get rid of the bums. Bye bye A-Rod, Randy, Sheffield, Wright, Pavano (is he even a Yankee still?).

Monday, October 09, 2006

Where Are The Thermals Playing...

...while in town for CMJ?

Two have been announced.

Another is listed on their Myspace. Fri Nov 3 - Fontana's

BV announced today that he is hosting 3, not 1 or 2, but 3 CMJ daytime shows. Wed Nov 1, noon - 5pm, Fri Nov 3, noon - 5:30pm, and Sat Nov 4, noon - 5pm. In the post annoucing these shows, a commentor says that The Thermals are playing at one of these shows. Could it be this Fontana's show? hmmmm....

And yeah, I love their new album.

Flyers For CMJ Showcases You Should Go To

Via The Underrated Blog:

The lineup:
The Head Set (1 PM)
Division Day (2 PM)
Ra Ra Riot (3 PM)
Birdmonster (4 PM)

CMJ badges honored. $8 without. Drink specials tba. BAKE SALE!

Via Crackers United:

FRICTION is making its CMJ Music Marathon debut this year with an official showcase featuring Dirty On Purpose, Magneta Lane, Pela, The Diableros, The Diggs, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, and The Shackeltons.

The guys from Femme Generation are going to be handling the DJ decks all night long and as always the free Sparks will be flowing from 9pm-10pm. Additionally, KEXP is going to be hosting a listener party open to the public from 6pm-8pm at Sin-e Bar (right next to Sin-e) so make sure to keep this night open when planning your CMJ schedule!

UPDATE: Advance tickets are available on Ticketweb. Tickets will also be sold at the door for $10 and CMJ badges will be honored. Set times are: 12:30 Dirty on Purpose + 11:45 Magneta Lane + 11:00 Pela + 10:15 The Diableros + 9:30 The Diggs + 8:45 A Sunny Day in Glasgow + 8:00 The Shackeltons

2nd Chance!!!

I was all sorts of bumming this past Tues. I was not able to see Built To Spill @ Warsaw. A show I was so so so looking forward to. Because I love their new album and I love Warsaw. It was upsetting.

But wait. What's this? What do I see? Was this annouced long ago and I am just now finding out about it?

Built to Spill - Warsaw
Wed Nov 22


Tix not yet onsale. Tix ARE on sale for Ben Fold though. Fri Nov 17. $30. Yikes!

BTW, incase you didn't know, Matchless, home of KNOCKOUT!, is right down the block from Warsaw.

And once again, Cheesy Warsaw Love!!!!


Built To Spill - Warsaw

Sam Champion @ CMJ

You're already aware that Sam Champion are a part of the incredible show that Productshop has put together. Are you also aware that they are also playing at Southpaw on Thurs Nov 2? Well they are. With IV Thieves (Nic Armstrong + Thieves). $8

The Oranges Band - Cake Shop

It was a tough choice this weekend, but it seems to have been the right one, because The Oranges Band will be back sooner than later. And even better - it will again be on a Saturday. Sat Nov 18 to be exact. At Cake Shop. They're playing with Palomar again and it will also be Overlord's CD release party.


The Oranges Band

WOXY Back With A Vengeance

Apparently WOXY will be back on the air starting tomorrow at 10:10AM and they will be immediately playing catch up with their best feature, the Lounge Act. Here's the big list of bands that will be stopping by in the next few weeks:

10/10 Headlights 4:00pm
10/11 The Purrs 4:00pm
10/16 Asobi Seksu 4:00pm
10/17 The Wrens 4:00pm
10/18 Minus The Bear 4:00pm
10/24 Pela 4:00pm
10/25 The Teenage Prayers 1:00pm
10/25 Hotel Cafe Tour 3:00pm
11/3 Charlotte Martin 3:00pm
11/7 Chin Up Chin Up 12:30pm

The Wrens, Minus The Bear, Pela, and.....CHIN UP CHIN UP!

Finally got to see Chin Up Chin Up this weekend at Glasslands and they were great. Pat's got a good review and some pics.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Beware Of Bloggers!

This is so great I had to post it too. Via Stereogum:

For the record, I still love CYHSY and T&T. I never liked Arctic Monkeys. Haven't listened to CWK enough to have an opinion of them yet.

Who's Gonna Go?

Via this article:

Alex Rodriguez posted another ugly postseason in pinstripes with a 1-for-14 performance. A-Rod, who has four years remaining on his contract and a full no-trade clause, holds the power to decide where -- or if -- he will go, but there has been a lot of speculation that the Angels would love to acquire the reigning American League MVP, and that Rodriguez might accept a trade to the West Coast.

Joe Torre could be on the hot seat as well. New York has lost 10 of its last 13 postseason games, including a pair of first-round knockouts in the past two Octobers. Torre has one year and more than $6 million remaining on his contract, and the buzz is that the manager may take the fall for his team's postseason struggles. Two former managers with strong Yankees ties -- Lou Piniella and Joe Girardi -- could be in line to replace Torre if he is dismissed.

The Yankees hold 2007 options on Gary Sheffield ($13 million) and Mike Mussina ($17 million), though neither is likely to be picked up.

Sheffield's run in the Bronx appears to be over, as Bobby Abreu is set to earn $15 million next year as the starting right fielder.

As for Mussina, he has made it clear that he would like to return to the Yankees for a seventh season and beyond. Having just completed his six-year, $88.5 million contract, Mussina will probably look for a two-year deal in the $20-24 million range.

The Yankees can also opt out of the final year of Jaret Wright's contract, which calls for him to make $7 million, by paying the right-hander $4 million.

Among the other free agents are Ron Villone, Miguel Cairo, Cory Lidle, Octavio Dotel and Bernie Williams.

Williams, who came back this season on a one-year, $1.5 million contract, said he hasn't decided whether to play in 2007 or to hang up his spikes.

The Annex - Tomorrow


The Muggabears - CMJ, Reminder

The Muggabears are going to be at Midway on Tues Oct 31 w/Apes & Androids, FiGO, Soft, The Fatales, and Hot IQs.

And don't forget, this tuesday:

Other CMJ showcases happening at Midway:

Fri 11/03
Small Stone Showcase
Throttlerod 12:00
The Brought Low 11:00
Novadriver 10:00
Antler 9:00
Puny Human 8:00
$10.00, free with CMJ badge

Sat 11/04
The Halftooth Records Showcase
Oddisee 12:00
Kenn Starr 12:00
Kev Brown 12:00
Freddie Foxx 12:00
Supastition 12:00
Wordsworth 12:00
$10.00, $5.00 with RSVP, FREE with CMJ badge

Sat 11/04
Modular People Presents:
Holy Hail 11:00
Van She 10:15
The SoftLightes 9:30
Little Man Tate 8:45
Ra Ra Riot 8:00
$10.00, free with CMJ badge

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Brink Of Elimination

Here we go again. Storm into the post season and then stall. Great.

Is the magic gone? The youthful energy and excitement?

This is dissappointing:

Cano 1 for 11
Sheffield 1 for 8
Rodriguez 1 for 11

OK, I understand why Johnson is on the front page. But why is Jeter on the backpage? He's 7 for 12. I could think of a much better face for the lack of production over the past two days.

Are You Excited For...

The Gothamist House? I am. Jeff's announcement:

We here at Gothamist have been working long and hard to put together something very special this year for CMJ. The annual music marathon that takes over the hipper parts of our city every Autumn is right around the corner, and we've got some very exciting news to share.

This year, from Thursday, November 2nd through Saturday the 4th, we will be hosting a series of unofficial day parties at The White Rabbit on East Houston Street. We've got lined up some of the best bands coming through town to play intimate, stripped down and acoustic sets for all to enjoy. Best part is, these shows are all completely free to attend! No cover, no badges, no lists, no catch. Just stop on by, check out the music, grab a drink and hang with us. Everyone is welcome.

In the coming weeks, we'll be announcing the bands that will be playing, as well as all sorts of other details and surprises. So stay tuned! In the meantime, if you are interested in getting involved on a sponsorship level, or if you run a local business or charity and would be interested in working with us on this, please drop us an email to discuss.

Have You Figured Out...

...what you are doing tonight?

I have.

I'll see you there?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Productshop CMJ '06 Showcase

This one is a biggie.

CMJ In My Inbox

Thanx for the info everyone.

Oct 31

Got an email telling me that The Archie Bronson Outfit are in the lineup of the Myspace Showcase at Sin-e. Then I noticed that the entire lineup has been posted. Here it is w/ set times:

1:00AM Mickey Avalon
12:00PM Sherwood
11:00PM Heavens
10:00PM Young Love
9:00PM The Archie Bronson Outfit
8:00PM IMA Robot

Wed Nov 1

Bar/None Showcase - Tonic - The Slip, Hotel Lights, Birdie Busch, Oppenheimer and Mosquitos

Thurs Nov 2

Yep Roc Day Party - Pianos - Cities, Apples In Stereo, Heavy Trash (Jon Spencer & Matt Verta-Ray), and American Princess

Fri Nov 3

Steve tells me that Astralwerks are having their Showcase at Canal Room. The lineup will include The Little Ones and others TBA.

ALSO - Fiddle While You Burn has an excellent list of FREE CMJ showcases. If I'm feeling ambitious, I might combine his list with mine.

List Updated

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reminder - Jeter = MVP

Sixth player with five hits in a playoff game.