Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WOXY / Finest Dearest

Have you guys been listening to WOXY? Only three days left! Better soak it all up as much as you can. I've been trying to listen as much as possible. Mike, Barb, and Shiv sound upbeat, but it's gotta be killing them. Anyway...

Just heard a band I've never heard of before on WOXY. Finest Dearest. And they are great. You see, this is why losing WOXY is so terrible. On a daily basis you can hear a song by a band that could become your new favorite band. I'm not saying that Finest Dearest have become that for me, but you know what I'm getting at. So Finest Dearest. They are from San Fran. Go to their Myspace and listen to March Into Flames, the song that was played on WOXY that caught my attention. They kind of remind me of Forget Cassettes, but not as hard, and there is definitely a PJ Harvey thing going on. Also recommended if you like Victory At Sea. No NYC dates listed as of right now. You can buy their Peacemaker EP at Insound. Here's another funny picture of them, minus one band member:


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