Monday, February 26, 2007

Roundup @ Pianos - Tonight - Mon Feb 26

Friday, February 23, 2007

WOXY - SXSW, Noise Pop, David Vandervelde

Exciting news! Can't wait to see who they get for their SXSW lounge acts. Here's what we know so far:

Mike & Shiv will be off to Austin to broadcast live from SXSW. We'll be hosting live Lounge sessions from a secluded Austin location the entire week of the festival from Monday thru Saturday, plus we'll bring you our dayparty on Friday the 16th straight from the heart of 6th Street, featuring: Bob Mould, The Bird and The Bee, The Little Ones, The Broken West, Aqueduct, and Snowden, hosted by Zach Galifinakis.

Also, WOXY will be in San Francisco next week for Noise Pop:

Just a quick heads up...we'll be in San Francisco for Noise Pop next Wednesday thru Sunday, streaming live evening performances from John Vanderslice, French Kicks, Autolux, Clinic, Midlake and Cake. Check it out!

Clinic, Midlake and Cake! Tasty.

One more thing - the David Vandervelde lounge act today was excellent. Download it:

Download MP3 (25:43)

Two NYC dates next week:

Mon Feb 26 Union Hall W/ Via Audio
Tues Feb 27 Pianos w/ Sam Champion, Sono Oto, Brian Scary and the Shredding Tears

Ctrl-Alt-Delete @ Sin-e - Sat March 10

Sidenote - Just noticed that BV is doing a show at Sin-e on March 23. That should be interesting.

Radiohead - My Gigography

I was playing around with 58hours today. That site is fascinating. You may know that Radiohead played at Mercury Lounge (good god, if I only had a time machine), but did you also know that they played at CBGB (no setlist available). Well anyway, I thought that maybe this would be interesting to a few of you people that stop by.

My shows: 10
2001-08-07 Madison Square Garden
2003-06-07 Giants Stadium
2003-08-15 Parc Jean-Drapeau
2003-10-09 Madison Square Garden
2003-10-10 Madison Square Garden
2004-05-01 Empire Polo Fields (Coachella Music Festival)
2006-06-10 Salle Wilfred-Pelletier at Place des Arts
2006-06-11 Salle Wilfred-Pelletier at Place des Arts
2006-06-13 Madison Square Garden
2006-06-14 Madison Square Garden

What I've seen & how many times...

National Anthem10
Everything In Its Right Place10
I Might Be Wrong8
Paranoid Android8
There There8
You And Whose Army?7
No Surprises6
Street Spirit (fade out)6
Kid A6
The Gloaming6
My Iron Lung5
Karma Police5
Pyramid Song5
How To Disappear Completely5
Exit Music (for a film)5
Sit Down. Stand Up.5
Where I End and You Begin5
Sail To The Moon5
Morning Bell4
Climbing Up The Walls4
Go To Sleep4
Wolf at the Door4
15 Step4
Bangers 'n' Mash4
Down Is The New Up4
Dollars & Cents3
Fake Plastic Trees3
Talk Show Host3
Punch Up At a Wedding3
House of Cards2
Planet Telex2
Knives Out1
Permanent Daylight1
Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box1
Follow Me Around1
Hunting Bears1
True Love Waits1
In Limbo1
The Bends1
Like Spinning Plates1
The Tourist1
Open Pick1
Go Slowly1
I Want None of This1
Black Star1
4 Minute Warning1

National Anthem and EIIRP at every show. The "only one time" section above is especially interesting. Some of those songs are moments that I will never forget (Like Spinning Plates, True Love Waits, I Want None Of This). A lot of those songs were played at MSG '01 and unfortunately I barely remember that one. The thing about this list that hurts, is thinking about all of the shows that I either had tix for and couldn't make because I was stuck in the middle of nowhere (college) or slept out on a curb for hours trying to get tix for and was denied. But I can't complain. I think I've had my fair share of Radiohead.

Square Wave Punch - The Action Room

Go over to The Action Room and listen to their latest podcast. Sean of Square Wave Punch is interviewed, reveals the origin of the band's name, and plays a superb acoustic version of "Alice".

Also, the band has a show tonight in Jersey:


Ace Of Clubs - Sat Feb 10
Square Wave Punch / Mussels @ Ace Of Clubs

Aeroplane Pageant - Newsday Article


Long Island has a handful of indie-rock outfits that lie so far outside the regional "scene" they almost seem like a scene of their own. Bands such as Satellite Lost, Gracer, Slowlands and With Every Idle Hour don't necessarily move in the same circles or even sound similar, but they have some common traits: a love of unhurried, thoughtful music, and a propensity to take their sweet time making records.

One of the shining stars of this slo-mo genre, Aeroplane Pageant, will release its first full-length disc, "Wave to the Moon," on Tuesday, about two years into its career. (Somehow it's fitting that the album cover shows three people in bed wearing sleep masks.) Not that Aeroplane Pageant has been inactive: The new tracks on the group's MySpace page mark a dramatic change of pace from the previous EP, "He Is Fire," which came out more than a year ago.

The new direction is less atmospheric and more raw. The squeak of fingers across guitar strings is clearly audible on "Oh You Know," and Brian Kelly's voice sounds raspier, more ragged. There's also a stronger focus on songwriting than on mood: "Bright Silver Train" and "All the Days" sound almost like Americana, with evocative chords and simple but effective rhythms. The band plays a CD release party Saturday at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan.



The band also just launched a new website. Check it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Oranges Band @ Mercury - Thurs April 12

The Oranges Band will be at Mercury Lounge on Thurs April 12. And of course, they are playing with Palomar. Here's the full lineup:

- 11:00 -
- 10:00 -
- 8:00 -


I hope they get someone good for that 9 o'clock slot.

I saw The Oranges Band this past December at Magnetic Fields, where they played a fantastic set. Very much looking forward to seeing them again. BTW - the bassist seen here is no longer with the band and they now have a fella named Pat Martin on bass.

As if the first two weeks of April @ Mercury Lounge weren't already stacked - The Long Winters, Stars of Track & Field, Sam Champion, Friction (Land of Talk, Mahogany), The Black Angels, Tokyo Police Club, Ra Ra Riot, Youth Group, Aqueduct, and Cloud Cult.


The Oranges Band

Cuckoo Canoe - Update

The band has been rotating in and out songs from Basketball Freedom Overdrive, and "Aderol" is now in there. Go listen to one of my fav songs of 2007 so far here.

Need need need to see this band live. Someone please make it happen!!!


Cuckoo Canoe

Fox Attacks

The folks over at Brave New Films are going after Fox again:

Thanx for the heads up Jules.


Mercury Lounge - Tues 6-27-06 / Documentaries

The Annex - Wed Feb 28

On the last day of February (Wednesday 28) you are all invited to our 3rd Deli/ASCAP party, which this time will be at The Annex. Oh... and for the alcohol oriented we'll have an hour of FREE Jack and Coke between 7 and 8!

Here's the line-up:
8.00-8.30 Maplewood
8.45-9.15 Inouk
9.30-10.00 Vampire Weekend
10.15-10.55 Apollo Sunshine
11.10-11.50 Band of Thieves

Reminder - Shows Tonight - Thurs Feb 22

Benzos are at Glasslands:

we're playing in good ole BK (brooklyn, ny) this thursday, feb 22nd. we're very excited about it and hope that you can join us. there's been some change in plans for the gig, meaning, it'll be just us, some dj's and some great art showcased for your aural and visual pleasure. therefore, we'll be plugging in at 10-10:30ish. doors open at 8pm, so be sure to get out from the cold, seek refuge at the glasslands and enjoy yourself in time to enjoy the gallery and us :)

here is the deets/deats (however you spell it?):

2/22/2007 - the GlassLands
289 Kent Avenue
Williamsburg, BK, New York 11211

Cost: $10
Doors- 8:00PM benzos On Stage- 10-10:30ishPM

as we also said, this show is being filmed by us for our new album, branches, coming in may, so be sure to smile for the camera.

The Undisputed Heavyweight are having their EP release party at Mercury:

Previously. Subinev posted a robotinev of them today:

The Blooodsugars are at The Delancey. There is no set time listed for them at The Delancey's website.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

KNOCKOUT! Round 2 - Pics

I took some of these. The rest were taken by Jules. And of course, click on pics to enlarge.

The Antlers

The Muggabears

Sure Juror


Friction - Thurs March 8 @ The Delancey

Lots more info here.

Doors open at 8:00pm and advance tickets are available on Ticketweb. Set times are as follows: 11:30pm Holy Fuck / 10:30pm Plastic Little / 9:30pm Vampire Weekend / 8:30pm Dreamburger

Get drizzed.

Annuals - Download WOXY Lounge Act

Earlier today, around lunchtime, I sat down, threw on the Sennheisers, and listened to Annuals live in the WOXY lounge. Loved these guys at Friction, but their Fader/CMJ show left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. This lounge act was like a happy medium between those two shows. The set started off really great with "Fair" and "Complete, Or Completing" and kept up the pace with "Do You Like It," a new song that I really liked. But then the set stumbled to the finish line with "Brother," which was disappointing, because the song was one of my favs of 2006. Not sure if I can blame the band for this though, seemed like maybe the mix was off. The soaring lead guitar part at the end was completely missing. So once again there was a bit of a funky after taste, but enough positive highs to balance it out. Download it, listen to it, and tell me that I am way off, or not:

Download MP3 (30:18)

The band will be back in NYC on Thurs April 12 for that blow out at Roseland with Kaiser Chiefs (ugg) and The Walkmen (yay!). And maybe or maybe not Editors.

Some photos via WOXY:

Upcoming WOXY lounge acts:

Tomorrow, Thurs 2/22 The Subjects 12:00pm
Fri 2/23 Six Parts Seven 11:00am
Fri 2/23 David Vandervelde 3:00pm
Fri 3/30 Arizona 3:00pm

Update: Just read BV's post about David V. And then listened to the album stream. Kinda reminded me of Wilco, sort of. Definitely recommended listening.

Barely Famous - Comix - Thurs March 8

A new show from those wiley Drink At Work folks:


The Drink At Work Show - Now Every Monday
Lineups - Drink At Work, Summer Tuesdays
The Drink at Work Show - Aug 7th
The Drink At Work Show - July 24th
Summer Tuesdays at Rififi
The Drink at Work Show - July 10
Drink at Presents - Monday 6/26/06
Drink at Presents Is Moving
Drink at Presents - Monday 6/5/06
Drink at Presents...

Sam Champion - Almost Done Recording, Shows

I guess the above image says it all. Two upcoming shows:

Tue Feb 27 Pianos w/ Sono Oto, Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears, David Vandervelde $8
Wed April 4 Mercury w/ The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Gran Bel Fisher Tix $15

I hope the band is still playing tunes from Slow Rewind, unlike at the Productshop CMJ showcase, where it was all new tunes. Don't get me wrong, the new stuff sounded great, but an old song here and there would be nice.

OMR March Radness II - Sat March 31

Tickets are on sale right now for Oh My Rockness' big March Radness II party! Last year was insane. This year will be insaner.

Who: Walter Meego! Oxford Collapse! Dragons of Zynth! Del Rey!
Where: Knitting Factory
When: March 31st, 7:30pm
Who: 18+
How Much: $10

Go here to get your tickets. This will sell out!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Baeble / Loose Record Party Tomorrow

Push Play Episode 1

Want to be on camera? Want to go to a show for free? Want to download and watch the show the next day? Now's your chance. Baeble Music and Loose are throwing a party on February 21st at the Canal Room and will be filming the entire event! Please come out and party with us. Details below:

Wednesday, February 21st

Place: Canal Room - 285 W Broadway (Cross Street: Canal Street)

Time: DOORS @ 8 PM

Price: FREE w/ RSVP @

Special event features: We’ll be filming the entire event with band interviews, crowd action shots, and much more!

Live performances by:
Ra Ra Riot
Mixel Pixel

Guest DJs:
James F#@$*! Friedman
Melody Nelson

1 Train to Canal St
A, C, E Train to Canal St

Apparently Baeble recorded Maritime at Mercury Lounge on Oct 21, 06. I was at that show. You can watch some of the video from the show here.

Some other good stuff worth checking out over at Baeble:

Annuals - 1/19/2007 @ Webster Hall
Silversun Pickups - 10/11/2006 @ Mercury Lounge
Oxford Collapse - 12/9/2006 @ Northsix
Birdmonster - 9/7/2006 @ Mercury Lounge

More Flyers For This Weekend - Feb 24 & 25


Previously (Scroll down a little, it's in there)

Ron & Fez - This Friday

Uh oh. This Friday at the Hardrock.


Ron & Fez - On Free FM
Ron & Fez - Back In NY????

The Black & White Years - Bad News

Crappy news from The Black & White Years, a band that I have just recently started to get into:

This has to be the worst bulliten we have ever posted. I just arrived back at the house to realize that over $10,000 worth of equipment has been stolen from us. In our own home none-the-less. This includes:

Paul Reed Smith CE24 Red
serial: 723444

Apple Powrbook G4 "17 laptop-silver
serial: v73445z3p22

Warwick 5 string bass w/ wood finish

Gibson SG: brown w/ wood finish

Roland Juno-G Synth

For those in the Austin area: we may be planning a benefit concert, so anything helps. We'll let you know soon.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Bloodsugars

Along with Cuckoo Canoe, The Bloodsugars have been a recent obsession of mine. Don't remember who exactly told me about them, but who ever you are, you rule. Their sound is super catchy and reminds me of Voxtrot, but even dancier. Listen to three songs from their Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine LP at their Myspace and download some mp3s here. And check them out at The Delancey this Thurs Feb 22, before they go out on a tour that will take them to Cali and back.

Ramblings - Mon Feb 19

First things first - !!! at Shangri La. One of the best shows I have ever been too. Stage right was where it was at. It's always cool when you are at a show and all of a sudden you realize that you are levitating. Just like at Maxwell's, left drenched in sweat. Kudos to whoever got the Flying Dog hook up, that shit was tasty, especially the Wheat.

The TL&Rx secret show at Mercury is sold out. If you didn't get tix, I strenuously recommend that you go see Mussels at Southpaw w/ Warm In The Wake. $8. I GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed.

Caught Mussels again the other day at Ace of Clubs and as always, they conquered. Was also the first time I got to see Square Wave Punch. Finally got to hear Alice and Keep Quiet live. I love those songs. Looking forward to seeing them again at Matchless. wink wink. Additionally, I'm glad I arrived at Ace of Clubs early enough to catch Big Bang TV's live debut. Eclectic would be an understatement. These guys (and girl) were all over the place, electronic, indie, folk, pop, punk, trip hop, you name it. I'm excited to hear more from the band in the future.

A heads up re: the upcoming new album from The Rosebuds - It is a full on dance album. And there was much dancing at their recent Union Hall "rock concert". Also, the band is now a 5-piece.

Speaking of adding members, just found out that Aeroplane Pageant are now a 6-piece. They played a warm-up show last night at Beery's with new member Jeff, of Slowlands.

Might be running back and forth between AP's record release at Merc and Lit this Saturday. In addition to Cinema, Cinema, Bridges & Powerlines are also playing. Found out about them last week via The Blog Show and really liked what heard.

Speaking of Lit, The Soundscapes are playing there this Friday and then again on Sat April 14 w/ Thrushes, another band I have been meaning to check out. Perhaps I'll catch Thrushes next Friday at Sin-e w/ my beloved Muggabears. Seems like a great way to warm up for the super late night Up The Empire/Life In Bed show at Galapagos. Would be nice to see one more show at Sin-e before this happens:

On Sunday, April 1st 2007
Sin-é will be closing it's doors for good.
It's been a great run and we would like
to thank all those who have supported
us through the years.
To all the bands, booking
agents, staff, friends and patrons...

Thank You.

Another one bites the dust. Also this Saturday, I know the Yeti is going to try to convince me to go to this:

That Galapagos show is not the only show for Up The Empire next week. They will also be opening for Apollo Sunshine (featuring Quentin Stoltzfus of Mazarin) at Southpaw Thurs March 1. Tix on sale. $10. That should be one hell of a good show. It's also the same night as Savoir Faire, Mason Proper/A Brief Smile at Sin-e, and Elvis Perkins at Joe's Pub. Get ready for a lot of that next month, great shows all on one night overload. Even more than usual, mostly due to SXNY.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

KNOCKOUT! Round 2 - Thank You

Thank you to all the staff at Union Hall.

Thank you to The Antlers for being positively riveting. You set the bar high for the rest of the night.

Thank you to The Muggabears for giving 110%. These guys played so hard, they made Travis pass out. The most scary/amazing moment at one of my shows so far.

Thank you to Sure Juror for having so much fun. The good times on stage were definitely passed on to the crowd.

Thank you to Johan for getting "She's Got A Way With Men" stuck in my head. And for a playing everything I wanted to hear. And for being so so great. And for coming so far.

Thanx to Rachael for keeping the party going between sets and late into the night

Thanx again to Bunkre for Stallone.

Thanx to everyone who wrote about the show. You guys are too nice!

And of course, most importantly, to everyone who came to the show. Thank you for dancing, cheering, and eating all my candy.

Lots of pics coming soon. Nice lil review and beautiful pics of The Muggabears and Sure Juror at Subinev. More pics at his flickr.

Go see The Muggabears again tonight at Neon Lights!

Mark your calanders. Matchless. Sat April 7th. Lineup TBA soon.

Friday, February 16, 2007

One More Thing About Tonight



And incase you haven't seen it, The Muggabears Robotinev!

See you there!

KNOCKOUT! Round 2 - Tonight!

It's goin' down partnah!

Seriously though, have you watched this video yet?????

More info here.

Buy tix here. $8.

Aeroplane Pageant - Record Release Madness!!!

Three flyers for the same show???? DEFINITELY.