Saturday, February 17, 2007

KNOCKOUT! Round 2 - Thank You

Thank you to all the staff at Union Hall.

Thank you to The Antlers for being positively riveting. You set the bar high for the rest of the night.

Thank you to The Muggabears for giving 110%. These guys played so hard, they made Travis pass out. The most scary/amazing moment at one of my shows so far.

Thank you to Sure Juror for having so much fun. The good times on stage were definitely passed on to the crowd.

Thank you to Johan for getting "She's Got A Way With Men" stuck in my head. And for a playing everything I wanted to hear. And for being so so great. And for coming so far.

Thanx to Rachael for keeping the party going between sets and late into the night

Thanx again to Bunkre for Stallone.

Thanx to everyone who wrote about the show. You guys are too nice!

And of course, most importantly, to everyone who came to the show. Thank you for dancing, cheering, and eating all my candy.

Lots of pics coming soon. Nice lil review and beautiful pics of The Muggabears and Sure Juror at Subinev. More pics at his flickr.

Go see The Muggabears again tonight at Neon Lights!

Mark your calanders. Matchless. Sat April 7th. Lineup TBA soon.


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