Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Refinery29 - Winter Playlist

Refinery29 just sent over this exceptionally good mix. Download away!

PJ Harvey "The Devil"
Band of Horses "No One's Gonna Love You"
Grizzly Bear "He Hit Me"
Radiohead "Reckoner"
Luke Temple "Saturday People"
Vampire Weekend "Oxford Comma"
Beirut "Nantes"
Spoon "Finer Feelings"
Cadence Weapon "Oliver Square"
Roisin Murphy "Overpowered"
Yeasayer "Sunrise"
Burial "Archangel"

More info on the songs and links to buy @ Refinery29.

I'm slowly becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Band of Horses. Saw them for the first time @ Blender during CMJ and thought they were great. It's taken me a while to warm to them, but they have just about completely won me over. That Grizzly Bear song was one of my favorites from when I saw them @ their Wordless show. That one, and the unnamed new one that they ended their set with, which is still rattling in my brain. I feel that GB's next album could be their OK Computer. Glad that we finally got an explanation about Reckoner yesterday. One of my favorites from In Rainbows. I like that Beirut song, but their EP is where it's at in '07. Luke Temple's people have been hammering me with PR, but I'm not sure if his sound is my thing. It's interesting enough, but I don't know. Took me long enough to get into Sufjan, and even him I'm not totally enamored with.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Radiohead - Touring US in '08

This news is about to be everywhere. Via Atease:

As the plans look like now, Radiohead will start their upcoming tour in America. When asked by Steve Lamacq Ed O’Brien confirmed that the band are indeed starting their tour in May.

Ed said that it’s still ‘up in the air’ and that plans might change, but Radiohead will tour in May, June/July, kicking off for a few weeks in America. Ed: “We probably go out in May.”

When asked if Glastonbury is on the agenda, Ed said: “Everything is on the agenda. We're sort of finalizing dates at the moment. We’ll see. If they want us. We don’t know yet. We’ve got schedule A, schedule B, schedule C. None of this is confirmed.”

I'm going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Go To Southpaw This Friday

Hello, hello, hello. Is there anybody out there?

Aeroplane Pageant - Obvs
Mussels - Also obvs
Taxi Taxi - I've posted about these guys many times as well
Robbers - A band that has recently popped on to my radar. I have meant to see them a bunch of times and missed them. They have been recommended to me by several different people.

This is one of those shows that come along ever once in a while that I can't help but feel was custom booked with me in mind. In other words -> dream lineup.

And this is one of the best flyers ever:

Update: Kevin Christiana, who you can see in the new season of Project Runway, is now back as the drummer of Aeroplane Pageant. Come meet him Friday night.