Monday, February 19, 2007

Ramblings - Mon Feb 19

First things first - !!! at Shangri La. One of the best shows I have ever been too. Stage right was where it was at. It's always cool when you are at a show and all of a sudden you realize that you are levitating. Just like at Maxwell's, left drenched in sweat. Kudos to whoever got the Flying Dog hook up, that shit was tasty, especially the Wheat.

The TL&Rx secret show at Mercury is sold out. If you didn't get tix, I strenuously recommend that you go see Mussels at Southpaw w/ Warm In The Wake. $8. I GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed.

Caught Mussels again the other day at Ace of Clubs and as always, they conquered. Was also the first time I got to see Square Wave Punch. Finally got to hear Alice and Keep Quiet live. I love those songs. Looking forward to seeing them again at Matchless. wink wink. Additionally, I'm glad I arrived at Ace of Clubs early enough to catch Big Bang TV's live debut. Eclectic would be an understatement. These guys (and girl) were all over the place, electronic, indie, folk, pop, punk, trip hop, you name it. I'm excited to hear more from the band in the future.

A heads up re: the upcoming new album from The Rosebuds - It is a full on dance album. And there was much dancing at their recent Union Hall "rock concert". Also, the band is now a 5-piece.

Speaking of adding members, just found out that Aeroplane Pageant are now a 6-piece. They played a warm-up show last night at Beery's with new member Jeff, of Slowlands.

Might be running back and forth between AP's record release at Merc and Lit this Saturday. In addition to Cinema, Cinema, Bridges & Powerlines are also playing. Found out about them last week via The Blog Show and really liked what heard.

Speaking of Lit, The Soundscapes are playing there this Friday and then again on Sat April 14 w/ Thrushes, another band I have been meaning to check out. Perhaps I'll catch Thrushes next Friday at Sin-e w/ my beloved Muggabears. Seems like a great way to warm up for the super late night Up The Empire/Life In Bed show at Galapagos. Would be nice to see one more show at Sin-e before this happens:

On Sunday, April 1st 2007
Sin-é will be closing it's doors for good.
It's been a great run and we would like
to thank all those who have supported
us through the years.
To all the bands, booking
agents, staff, friends and patrons...

Thank You.

Another one bites the dust. Also this Saturday, I know the Yeti is going to try to convince me to go to this:

That Galapagos show is not the only show for Up The Empire next week. They will also be opening for Apollo Sunshine (featuring Quentin Stoltzfus of Mazarin) at Southpaw Thurs March 1. Tix on sale. $10. That should be one hell of a good show. It's also the same night as Savoir Faire, Mason Proper/A Brief Smile at Sin-e, and Elvis Perkins at Joe's Pub. Get ready for a lot of that next month, great shows all on one night overload. Even more than usual, mostly due to SXNY.


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