Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ace Of Clubs - Sat Feb 10


Oh, and I forgot to mention that this is Big Bang TV's live debut. Via their Myspace:

Fuuuucking Finally!!!!!!!!

On Saturday, February 10th, Big Bang TV will be giving their debut performance at the Ace of Clubs.

...I peed a little just writing that sentence. It's gonna be quite a spectacle, folks!

The spectacularity (spectaculiciousness?) of it all will be enhanced by sets from our esteemed collegues Fave Deddock, Square Wave Punch and Mussels.

Say goodbye to your beautiful faces, because come 12AM, February 11, they will have been rocked clean off.

I believe it.

BTW - While I was listening to The Undisputed Heavyweights' insanely good BreakThruRadio performance (do yourself a favor and listen to it), I noticed that BreakThruRadio are bringing Square Wave Punch into the studio next week on Tues Jan 30.


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