Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Download New Songs From The Muggabears

Just got this. The brand new The Muggabears Night Choreography EP. Seven(!) amazing new songs. The EP is a bit more Interpol than Pavement (like their Teenage Cop EP), which is cool. Good to see the band expanding their sound and exploring new territory. The vocals are still Malkmus, but the instrumentation is a bit darker, moodier, and dare i say, atmospheric. On first listen it's hard to pick favorites, because every song stands out. Nothing weak here. I've got permission to throw up a song or two, so I think I'll go with these, which I guess are my early favorites:

We Were Priests - mp3

Automatic Others - mp3

You can also listen to two more new songs, "Dead Kid Kicks" and "Rings", at their Myspace.

I didn't think it was possible for me to get more excited for KNOCKOUT! Round 2, but apparently it is. I can't wait to hear this new material live. Come out to Union Hall on Fri Feb 16.

This Sat:


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