Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Muggabears / The Slats

I submit to you two bands for your listening pleasure. Both of which I have come in contact with via the miracle of Myspace. Both of which are making some rad music.

The Muggabears

The Muggabears are from Brooklyn and sound a lot like Pavement. I love bands that sound like Pavement. Not surprised that Pavement is the first band listed in the influences section of their Myspace, where you can listen to songs from their new EP, Teenage Cop. The band is having a release party for Teenage Cop at Cake Shop on Tues Sept 19 w/ Suckers, SUSU, and Talibam! Party starts at 8PM. $6 at the door.

Here are links to the two songs from the EP that are on their Myspace

I'm Coming True
Married to the Moon

And here are links to two songs from their 2004 full length, Kim Berlin:

No No Waspy Wasp

The Slats

The Slats are from Minneapolis. Minneapolis has been kicking some serious ass recently. Cloud Cult, Hockey Night, Tapes & Tapes. Well Hockey Night is from St. Paul, but close enough. If you are feeling the music coming out of Minneapolis recently, then you won't be disappointed with these guys, who have a sound that is similar to both Hockey Night and Tapes & Tapes. Hell, dude on the right in the pic above even looks kind of like the guy from T&T. There is even a little bit of Wolf Parade in their sound too. Their website hasn't been updates in a while, so if you're looking for upcoming show dates, go to their Myspace and listen to some tunes while you are there. No NYC right now, but they are free in early November, so don't count them out for CMJ. Want some mp3s? There are a ton of them here.

And now I'm going to go watch some football. Enjoy!


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