Thursday, September 07, 2006

Theory 8 Showcase - CMJ '06

Theory 8 are having their CMJ showcase on Fri Nov 3 in Brooklyn at a venue TBA. Here's who will be there:

De Novo Dahl
Forget Cassettes
Apollo Up
The Carter Administration

Almost the same exact group of bands that were a part of their CMJ showcase at CBGB last year, except The Whole Fantastic World (who didn't make it to the show last year) have been replaced with The Carter Administration. No The Whole Fantastic World = me not happy.

Forget Cassettes absolutely shreaded when I caught them at Pianos the other day. Pat was there too. He's got pics and a review.

It looks like De Novo Dahl will also be a part of some other CMJ event at Pianos on Tues Oct 31. The band also has new songs on their Myspace and is looking for a label:

de novo dahl just finished a new record. we think it is our best work to date. we are testing the market for who might want to release the new record. we have been shown interest by several labels, but we are still curious. our last record was released by nashville indie "theory 8 records". aaron hartley, who runs theory 8 is now our manager. we have 3 new songs on our profile, so check them out!


Update: According to De Novo Dahl's Myspace, it's happening at Arelene's Grocery, not Galapagos.


Forget Cassettes - Download WOXY Lounge Act
Forget Cassettes - Pianos & Union Pool
De Novo Dahl


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