Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Watch 'Em Again

Two of my all-time favorite tv shows are being replayed on new networks.

Premieres on Bravo Mon, Oct 2nd, at 9PM. Curious to see how they are going to make this show work without the freedom of being on HBO. If you take the sex, drugs, violence, and vulgar language out of some episodes, there might only be 5 minutes of show left. Definitely want to try and catch the pilot episode again, which may be tied with the series finale as my two most favorite tv episodes ever.

Premieres on Comedy Central Mon Sept 18, at 7PM. It's no mystery that I love this show. I'm thrilled at the idea of flipping channels, hitting Comedy Central, and an episode of Scrubs being on. The only thing that makes this slightly less exciting than Six Feet Under, is that I just recently re-watched all of Season 1 & 2 on DVD.


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