Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Mugs / The Muggabears

The Mugs.

No, The Mugs is not short for The Muggabears. They are two different bands, but they both rock.

The Mugs are getting ready to go out on a tour that will take them to the West Coast and back. Before they go on tour, go see them this Sat at Rockwood Music Hall at 10:00PM. When they return home, they will be back at Rockwood on Sat Oct 28, again at 10:00PM.

Wanna hear some tunes? Go to their Myspace and listen to some songs from their 2005 debut album, Paper Sissors Rock. Of the four songs in their player, I like "Frank" and "Running Out" the most. If you like the songs as much as I do, you can buy the album here. And/or you could go here and download their entire Daisy Cutter EP. I celebrate their entire catalog.

Here's another pic of the band from their recent show at Union Hall:

Speaking of The Muggabears, some more dates were posted at their Myspace:

Fri Sept 29 - Trash Bar w/ Gritty Midi Gang and Lomita
Tues Oct 10 - Delancey - Beg Your Pardon/Earfarm One Year Anniversary Party
Fri Oct 20 - Galapagos - Crashin In Party w/ The Coast and Mattison


The Muggabears / The Slats


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