Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The End Of The World / Professor Murder

First, about this weekend's ERMP. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to the amphitheatre until 4:00pm. Because I was more familiar with them than any of the other bands playing, I thought that The End Of The World and Professor Murder were going on last. Of cource, I was very wrong. They went on first and I missed them. And Home. But I did get to see Love As Laughter (couldn't get into them, maybe I was just bummed about missing the other bands) and White Magic (I liked them a lot and wouldn't mind seeing them again sometime soon).

BTW - I spoke briefly with the ERMP staffer who "got street on that guy" and she mentioned that she has video of it. Can someone upload that to You Tube and send it to me? Because I would love to post it.

Back to TEOTW and PMurder. Some more chances for me (and you) to catch them live:

The End Of The World's debut full length You're Making It Come Alive is being release by Flameshovel Records on Oct 31. They are celebrating by having a record release party at Mercury Lounge on Fri Oct 20 w/ The Subjects and Stylofone. $10. Here are the set times (so you don't make the same mistake I did):

- 11:30 -
- 10:30 -
- 9:30 -
- 8:30 -

Listen to some songs from the album at their Myspace or download one here:

The End Of The World - Last Cast

Professor Murder. Love the yearbook pictures. Almost as much as their songs. Here's their Myspace. In addition to this CMJ showcase and opening for this Supersystem show, they will be doing a free instore at Rocks In Your Head on Wed Oct 12 at 6:30 PM.

Download their WOXY Lounge Act here.


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