Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Square Wave Punch / Mussels @ Ace Of Clubs

If you missed Square Wave Punch yesterday or Mussels at Subinev's showcase, like I did, here is a chance to catch them both together, and it's a Saturday. Sat Feb 10 to be exact. Ace of Clubs. $8. The full lineup:

11 PM Mussels
10 PM Square Wave Punch
9 PM Big Bang TV
8 PM Dave Feddock

I've gushed plenty about Mussels, but have not yet about Square Wave Punch, one of my new favorites. They sound like a collision of the first two influences listed on their Myspace - Pavement and The Beatles. I also hear a little bit of sunny California in there as well - think Rooney, Phantom Planet.

Bonus - Big Bang TV. Just recently heard them for the first time. Very promising. Via their Myspace:

If the Pixies, Igor Stravinsky and DJ Shadow (subverted all we know about biology and) had a child…

…well, that child would be absolutely hideous looking.

But somewhere in the magical afterbirth there’d be a chunk called Big Bang TV.


BTW - This is only one of two (!) upcoming shows that Mussels have posted on their Myspace. The other is at Southpaw on Feb 25. Keep it up guys! And how's the new album coming along?

Speaking of past KNOCKOUT bands, in addition to their show at Rockwood on Sat Jan 27, The Mugs will be at the brand new Luna Lounge on Sat Feb 10. Can't wait to see the new space! I'm not the only one.


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