Saturday, January 13, 2007

Antifreeze - Tonight in Greenpoint @ Matchless

That's it Mother Nature, this is strike two. You are officially on notice. First KNOCKOUT and now this. I swear, if it isn't sunny and warm in Park Slope on Fri Feb 16, you will pay big!

BTW - Matt saw The Lisps last night. Here's what he said:

The band's 45-minute set included many tunes from their debut EP, The Vain The Modest And The Dead, as well as a handful of newbies and even a spoken word performance with assistance from their friend 'William S Burroughs' (love it!). The poem was about what a lackluster year 2006 had been, and it was read with extreme disgust... hysterical! Definitely a highlight of the night, as was the set-closing 'Pepper Spray', which is easily my favorite track of theirs. Having never seen The Lisps before I definitely felt an anti-folk vibe to many of their songs (a la a less confrontational/naughty Moldy Peaches). In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Cesar was a long lost relative to Adam Green! Cesar and Sammy exchange and combine vocals for nearly their entire set always running the fine line between hilarity and provocativeness. Is the South Bronx the new Sidewalk Cafe? Hmm.

Nice. I can't wait! Everything you could want to know about tonight's show can be found here.

See you there!


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