Friday, January 12, 2007

Antifreeze - Tomorrow

Better late than never?

The night of my KNOCKOUT show, significantly inebriated, Pat and I discussed co-promoting a show together, where each of us would pick two bands. Tomorrow night is the culmination of that slurred conversation. I picked a band from Pittsburgh and a band from Long Island. Pat decided on a band from the Bronx and a band from Brooklyn. An interesting combination, to say the least. Here's the lineup w/ set times:

8 - The Lisps - Myspace
9 - Life In Bed - Myspace
10 - Beat Radio - Myspace
11 - Mistakes - Myspace

First, and definitely, certainly not least, hailing from the Bronx (mmmm....Yankees) we have The Lisps, who's debut EP, The Vain, the Modest, and the Dead, has received countless spins in my stereo (Love "The Winter That I Missed"). But what really sank it's teeth in me, was the video for their song "I'm Sorry." Obsession is an understatement. Which leads to this:

Song I want to hear the most - "I'm Sorry"

Next we have the band that is traveling the farthest for this show - from Pittsburgh - Life In Bed, who are another band that I fell in love with last year, but did not have a release in '06, ala Mussels, The Mugs, etc. In 2005, the band released their Exercises for Translation EP, which I like a lot, but not as much as their debut album, Two Point Perspective. A strong, forceful album, it's sort of an indie rock version of Brand New's Deja Entendu.. If you want loud, and I know I do, this is the band in the lineup that you want to catch. Although the juxtaposition from The Lisps, to these guys, and then to Beat Radio, should be quite interesting.

Songs I want to hear the most - "Weight of an Atom" "30 Seconds"

Then we have a band from the greatest place on earth - Long Island. Started to dig Beat Radio after Rachael recommended checking out their debut album The Great Big Sea, which you can download FOR FREE in it's entirety at their website and Myspace. Immediately after listening to the album, I was hooked. Similar to The Mugs, these guys play well composed, gentle pop. Gets me every time. Then I found out they were from LI, and there are few things that thrill me more than good music coming out of Long Island. Subvert the dominant paradigm!

Songs I want to hear the most - Just play The Great Big Sea all the way through. : )

Finally, wrapping up the show, we have a band from Brooklyn - Mistakes, who are the band that I know the least about, and therefore, am most intrigued to hear tomorrow night. From the mp3s that I have been able to gather up and the songs on their Myspace player, it is clear that this band has an abundance of talent - and creativity. What I've read about their 3-part Crying Lady Tiger EP sounds very interesting. Check out what Pat has to say about it.

Song I want to hear the most - Anything will do*

Directions (cut/pasted from the KNOCKOUT post):

McCarren Park Pool is right across the street and Warsaw is right down the block on Driggs, so if you have been to either of those places, you know how to get to Matchless. Relatively easy to get to by subway. Take the L to Bedford, walk one block to Driggs and then walk down to Manhattan Ave. If you don't feel like walking that far (it's really not that far), take the G to Nassau and walk down one block to Driggs. If coming by car, let mapquest be your guide. It's pretty much right off the BQE. When you arrive at Matchless, the performance space is located behind the bar, to the left when you walk in.

FYI - The performance space has a curfew and the bands will be done promptly at 12, BUT! Matchless' bar (which as I've said before, has a fantastic selection of beers on tap) stays open until your standard 4 o'clock closing time. BUILT IN AFTERPARTY! Woohoo. After Knockout ended, many of the band's personnel hung around and partied all night. I'm not sayin' that that will happen again this time, I'm just sayin'. And Pat's bro Tim will be spinning great tunes late into the night!

So there ya go. I really should have had this post up much earlier in the week, but I guess if you still needed something to help convince you to come to this show, here ya go. I mean, because the bands have been pimping this show like crazy (Thanx guys!) and Pat has said tons.

In closing - a word about this Battle Of The Bloggers theme. As much as I would love for you to come to our show, I will not be offended if you go to Friction instead, because hell, if we weren't doing a show tomorrow night, that's DEFINITELY where I would be. I have been shouting about their shows since I started this blog. But yeah, come to our show. Don't go to Friction. : p

See you tomorrow!

*not an actual song title


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