Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About....


First of all - Matchless.

If you have been there than you know how great it is. If you haven't been there before you are in for a treat. Nice sized bar. Lots of interesting beers on tap. Some comfy tables and booths. It's awesome. And they have just made it even awesomer by adding a brand new sound room, that is located behind the bar (it's to the left when you walk in). A nice lil room that is about the same size as Union Hall's basement and reminds me of Rothko (because it's red).

McCarren Park Pool is right across the street and Warsaw is right down the block on Driggs, so if you have been to either of those places, you know how to get to Matchless. Relatively easy to get to by subway. Take the L to Bedford, walk one block to Driggs and then walk down to Manhattan Ave. If you don't feel like walking that far (it's really not that far), take the G to Nassau and walk down one block to Driggs. If coming by car, let mapquest be your guide. It's pretty much right off the BQE.

My fav place to eat in Greenpoint, Enids, is on the opposite corner and if you get to Greenpoint early Friday night I highly recommend eating dinner there, hell, you may even see me there.

Now about the bands:

Here's the lineup w/ set times:

8:00PM Mussels
9:00PM Aeroplane Pageant
10:00PM Lolita Bras
11:00PM The Mugs


I have listened to their 2005 Night Lights EP more than anything else so far this year, because well, I didn't get my hands on it until this year. And because it is SOOOOOO good. This is their first "official" show since this show. Basically, I wanted to see them again so bad that I took matters into my own hands. The band has been working on their new album Little Voices, which is just about finished, and they are looking forward to playing songs from it for you Friday night.

Aeroplane Pageant - Myspace - Previously

It's no mystery that Aeroplane Pageant are one of my favorite bands. I want them to be one of YOUR fav bands. They also have a new album, Wave To The Moon, about finished up and will be playing lots of songs from it.

Lolita Bras - Myspace - Previously

I've been a Lolita Bras fan for a long time. I'm talking way back. Like Mothlight way back. Like Dollhouse Architects way back. Ahh the Luna Lounge, how I miss thee. Lolita Bras are destined for big things. They continue to develop their sound and write songs that sick in your head for days. The band had to cancel a bunch of recent shows and are very excited to get back on stage and play some tunes for you. They are on the verge of a tour down the east coast and are building up momentum with some local shows, starting with this one. Lolita Bras have also been working on new material that I'm looking forward to hearing.

The Mugs - Myspace - Previously

The Mugs are a new fav for me and one of my fav discoveries of 2006. Paper Sissors Rock is a shoe-in for my best of 2006 list. The guys just got back from a tour to the west coast and are looking forward to rockin the hometown crowd.

The DJs - Nora (i rock i roll) & Rachael (underrated)

DJs of the highest caliber. They will be playing music all night in the bar area of Matchless. They have DJed at Friction and are the regular djs at The Skinny on Thursday nights. They also are the hosts of The Blog show on BreakThru Radio. Not to mention all around rad chicks. I'm told that Friday night is going to be all about Yacht Rock. HELL YEAH!

So come out Friday night and get fired up for CMJ next week by checking out four of NYC's best bands!


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