Monday, October 23, 2006

News From The Rosebuds

Here's the good news:

So we are in the studio now recording our third full length. It is yet to be titled, even though we have a a pretty good idea of what it will be! But we have about 5 songs left to put vocals on, and and then off to mixing it goes. I think this is going to be our best record ever. Some close to the project say it is our guilty pleasures record, and I would have to agree. We have been recording the majority of the album at our home studio with the help of a number of guys who have bailed us out of one tight spot after another. So I think we are looking at a Feb-Mar 2007 release date so mark it on your calendars!

Here's the bad news:

But all this recording has kinda taken a toll on the fall tour and that looks like it may not be happening.

Although there is light at the end of the tunnel:

But the Spring will be full of Rosebuds tour dates so keep those idea coming in.


The Rosebuds Want To Play For You
The Rosebuds - Working On Album #3, Demo mp3


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