Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Rare....

...that I find myself agreeing with P-Fork. This is one of those occasions.

9.0 today. Still don't see why this album is necessary though, given the existence of Full Clip, one of my favorite Best-Of albums ever. P-fork agrees:

Mass Appeal is Gang Starr's second best-of, following the excellent 1999 2xCD Full Clip, which is still in print. The new collection includes some lukewarm rarities and rescues a couple of tracks from the spotty 2003 album The Ownerz, but all of Mass Appeal's best tracks were already on Full Clip, and Mass Appeal's single-disc constraints make for a couple of puzzling exclusions: no "You Know My Steez"? There's also a DVD that collects the music videos, which would be awesome if YouTube didn't exist. Still, Mass Appeal makes for a deeply satisfying end-to-end listen, an hour-long submersion into the group's dusty warmth.


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