Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Annuals - Sin-e Is The Place To Be This Thursday

Annuals are coming to NYC this week.

Everyone is buzzing about Annuals. And so am I.

I just got my tix today. Very. Excited.

So excited that I'm going to re-post the flyer.

Don't forget about Femme Generation. Rachael likes A Brief Smile. AND Takka Takka.

I was working on a post about how Annuals will also be at Northsix on Friday (Tix) for a show with one of my new favs, The Diggs, that would also include the mp3 for "Two Months Off." But Crackers United beat me too it and wrote practically exactly what I was writing. So instead, just go here. Here's the full lineup of that Northsix show:

Heineken & The Onion presents:
The Diggs
The Station Myth
The World Without Magic
$10 Doors: 8pm Show: 8:30pm

I have a feeling that Annuals' set will be a bit longer at Sin-e.


At 9/12/2006 7:09 PM, Blogger jerry yeti said...

Sweet. I'm the "Everyone" link!


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