Monday, September 11, 2006

The Drink At Work Show - Now Every Monday

Here's the good word:

Revolutions are almost always characterized by savagery and a drastic change to the power base that often results in further violence. Remember the Russian Revolution. Or the French Revolution. Ot that episode of the Smurfs when they overthrew Gargamel only to turn on each other and realize that 1) Smurfs turn into malt balls, not gold and 2) Harmony Smurf made Idi Amin look like Snuggles the Fabric Softener Bear by comparison. So much bloodshed. So many high-pitched screams. So many carcasses mistaken for crushed blueberries.

But we at Drink at Work have something else in mind. We seek to revolutionize the New York comedy scene, but not in a way that results in social disarray or such barbaric scenarios as "two-drink minimums" and jokes that start with "So I was buying a hoodie at Brooklyn Industries when..." But we need your help. We want to say goodbye to "cool" and to triple-digit bar tabs. We want people to laugh and relax on the cheap. We want to break down all structures of government and replace them with non-hierarchal institutions, each named after a different Care Bear. We have so many plans, but we're probably just going to focus on the first two.

So with that in mind, we invite you to join us tonight — and every Monday — for The Drink at Work Show at Ace of Clubs. Tonight, host and local agitator Carol Hartsell welcomes a stellar line-up of revolutionary comics, including:

Joe DeVito
— Comedy Central, Montreal Just For Laughs Festival
Becky Donohue — Comedy Central,
Keith Farnan — BBC Television, Edinburgh Festival
Schaffer the Darklord — Killing Time with Schaffer the Darklord
Charles Star — Stay Free!

And, as always, performances by the leaders of La Resistance, Craig Baldo, Sean Crespo and Francesco Marciuliano, as well as an after party that kicks your work week off right—with a hangover.

Join us. Fear is a four letter word. Comedy is six. Think about it.

The Drink at Work Show
Tonight! (And every Monday)
8:00 P.M.
Ace of Clubs
9 Great Jones Street
(Below ACME)
$5 Cover

And here are the line-ups for every monday up to October 23rd

September 18th:
The Rob and Mark Show, Rob Paravonian, Jack Kukoda, Andrew Wright, Rebecca Ciletti, DJ Hazard

September 25th:
Victor Varnado, Sean Lynch, Max Silvestri, John F. O'Donnell, Maggie Lauren

October 2nd:
Tom Shillue, Joshua Grosvent, Mike Burns, Dan Goodman, Mike Birch

October 9th:
Jesse Popp, Ann Carr, Poppi Kramer, Rob O'Reilly, Nick Rutherford

October 16th:
Jesse Joyce, Anthony Devito, Matt McCarthy, Joe Powers, Bricken Sparacino and Jenn Hyjack

October 23rd:
Reggie Watts, Jackie Monahan, Vince Averill, Matt Little, Brad Steuernagel, Greg Barris


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