Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Benzos - Album News, Glasslands Feb 22

First, album news:

We're currently awaiting mastering of the record by Chris Gehringer over at Sterling Sound, NYC, and in the meantime having artwork done by an amazing artist, Seldon Hunt

This time around we'll be featuring the lyrics to the record on the insert, as well as some interesting photos of us taken by Stephanie Cinelli , who shot the cover of "Morning Stanzas", and manipulated by Seldon. We're interested in how this will turn out. We're also completing our linear notes for the record as well. This is the fun stuff...

Another Thurs show for Benzos. The last one was at Maxwell's on Jan 25. The next one is at Glasslands on Feb 22. Here are a few pics from that Maxwell's show, via the band's Myspace:


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