Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bound Stems, Maritime, Oranges Band - Set Lists

Three of my most memorable shows of 2006:

Bound Stems - Mercury Lounge - Sat Oct 21

My first time seeing the band. I've seen them another 3 times since (all during CMJ), and all those shows were unique. One was an KEXP instudio, one was an "acoustic" performance, one was a forgetable show at Galapagos. This show was my favorite. Mercury was packed and buzzing and the band was feeling it. All of my favorite songs from Appreciation Night were played.

Maritime - Mercury Lounge - Sat Oct 21

Also my first time seeing this band. Fantastic set. The "hit" quality of their songs stands out even more when they're played live. This band is another one of those bands that deserve so much more, though at the same time, you want them to stay where they are so you can see them play at the Merc again.

The Oranges Band - Magnetic Field - Fri Dec 8

What a GREAT show last friday! First of all - the sounds was perfect. Well done MF sound guy. Each instrument was crisp and distinct. The band put together a fun set of mostly The World And Everything In It songs, although there were some older ones and a new song. Every day since this show, at some point during the day, I have thought to myself that I have to see them again soon. This show was a much needed escape from the frigid temperatures of last week. It was freezing outside, but their sunny, summery songs made Magnetic Field feel like June.

Reminder: Go see Bound Stems TONIGHT! @ Friction


At 12/15/2006 10:12 AM, Anonymous chrispix said...

they slayed it at sin-e.


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