Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sorry No Ferrari

Sorry No Ferrari are the guys that are playing with Aeroplane Pageant and Slowlands at Mr. Beery's this Sat. Since posting that, I looked into the band and I like what I hear. The band are from Atlanta and describe themselves as "instrumental math-rock." Go to their Myspace and listen two of songs from the bands debut album Oh Snap! and two from the their new EP, The Get Down Syndrome, which will be available Jan 2. The songs are a lil rough around the edges, but I like where they are going. The band is in the middle of an east coast tour right now, which includes the Mr. Beery's show and two other NYC shows:

Fri Dec 15 8:00P Matchless
Sat Dec 16 8:00P Mr. Beery's $5 w/ Aeroplane Pageant, Slowlands
Sun Dec 17 10:00P Club Midway $5 w/ EZ Machine 12:00PM, The Venus Transmission 11:00PM, The Holy Fingers 9:00PM

You can buy Oh Snap! here.


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