Friday, February 23, 2007

Aeroplane Pageant - Newsday Article


Long Island has a handful of indie-rock outfits that lie so far outside the regional "scene" they almost seem like a scene of their own. Bands such as Satellite Lost, Gracer, Slowlands and With Every Idle Hour don't necessarily move in the same circles or even sound similar, but they have some common traits: a love of unhurried, thoughtful music, and a propensity to take their sweet time making records.

One of the shining stars of this slo-mo genre, Aeroplane Pageant, will release its first full-length disc, "Wave to the Moon," on Tuesday, about two years into its career. (Somehow it's fitting that the album cover shows three people in bed wearing sleep masks.) Not that Aeroplane Pageant has been inactive: The new tracks on the group's MySpace page mark a dramatic change of pace from the previous EP, "He Is Fire," which came out more than a year ago.

The new direction is less atmospheric and more raw. The squeak of fingers across guitar strings is clearly audible on "Oh You Know," and Brian Kelly's voice sounds raspier, more ragged. There's also a stronger focus on songwriting than on mood: "Bright Silver Train" and "All the Days" sound almost like Americana, with evocative chords and simple but effective rhythms. The band plays a CD release party Saturday at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan.



The band also just launched a new website. Check it.


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