Monday, February 12, 2007

Cuckoo Canoe

Cuckoo Canoe are from Brooklyn. They have created an album called Basketball Freedom Overdrive.

I have listened to this album more than anything else so far this year and the first song, "Aderol" (which unfortunately is not currently on their Myspace player), is a front-runner for one of my top 5 favorite songs of '07.

Phew. Feels good to get that out. Been meaning to post that declaration for a while now, but somehow kept getting sidetracked.

Really though, this album is intense. And all over the place. At times, very Strokesy. At other times, very Rooney. Or Phantom Planet. Insert California/Beach Boysish sounding band here. But there is also a healthy dose of humor, which was surprising considering the name of the band and the album. Kidding...

Not much info out there about the band and they only have a Myspace, for now. Need to see this band soon, if for no other reason than to buy another copy of the album, because mine is on the verge of being burnt out in my stereo. However, at time of press - no dates scheduled.

Look alive and keep your ears open. I feel there is more coming soon......


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