Monday, October 02, 2006

Top Five Albums of 2006 Since...

Making this list.

1) The Decemberists - The Crane's Wife - Pre-order It

If this album is to Picaresque as OK Computer is to The Bends, then is The Island their Paranoid Android? This album isn't as much of a curve ball as OK Computer was, because of The Tain, but it's close.

2) Bound Stems - Appreciation Night - Buy It

Lived up to my expectations and then some. This album is so my cup of tea. The only thing keeping this album from being #1 is that maybe it's just a touch long. Can not wait for their Merc show with Maritime.

3) The Thermals - The Body, The Blood, The Machine - Buy It

The Ted Leo fan in me is drawn to this album, which has some of the best lyrics I've heard so far this year. This album is BETTER than everyone says.

4) Oxford Collapse - Remember The Night Parties - Pre-order It

Unexpected. Interesting. Intelligent. Really good.

5) Forget Cassettes - Salt - Buy It

Kick ass through and through. Phenomenal vocals. Pounding drums. Kick ass.

And since there was a runner up for the Mid Year list (Slowlands), there's also a runner up for this list:

The North Atlantic - Wires In The Walls - Buy It

I keep going back to this album again and again. Maybe it's because the songs are so catchy. Maybe it's because I haven't listened to many other albums of this genre this year. This album makes dealing with The Plot breaking up a little easier.

Saw them last night at a bizzaro basement show at Northsix. Even though the PA was struggling to keep up and only 2/3 of the band could fit on the stage, they bombarded us with a set that included everything I wanted to hear. Loved how the set was all over the place, from punk to hardcore to indie-pop to progcore. Fun indeed. Looking forward to the next time.


At 10/02/2006 11:24 PM, Anonymous haley said...

Who ever compains that an album is too long!?

Other than that, great list.

At 10/03/2006 11:14 AM, Blogger jerry yeti said...

I agree with 3/5. The Bound Stems could indeed use some editing. I think it had the potential to be better.

Haven't tried the Forget Cassettes. I keep, ummm... forgetting.


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