Friday, September 29, 2006

CMJ @ Union Hall

A The Battering Room exclusive! Union Hall, the best bar/music venue in NYC, has informed me that the following CMJ events are happening at their fine establishment:

Wed Nov 1: The Foundry Field Recordings + one other TBA

Thurs Nov 2: Mint Records' night hosted by DJ AC Newman with Novillero, The Awkward Stage, and Bicycles + one more TBA

Fri Nov 3: Division Day, Fancey (Todd & Kurt of New Pornographers), Sparrow (Jason Zumpano's new band)

Sat Nov 4 Daytime 2pm-5pm: Hysterics, Tiny Masters Of Today, Fiasco, Care Bears On Fire

Sat Nov 4: Monsters Are Waiting, Irving, La Rocca, and one more TBA

There will also be guest DJs after each show for anyone that want to hangout late into the night.

List Updated


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