Monday, October 30, 2006

CMJ 2006 - Day 0

Oh crap. It's here.

Well actually, CMJ Music Marathon '06 doesn't start until tomorrow, but I already got my first taste of CMJ related action today, so it feels like it has begun.

Stopped by Gigantic Studios today to meet up with my good bud Amy and checked out a couple KEXP in-studios while I was there.

Bound Stems were...soooo great. I LOVE this band. They are officially my The Most Serene Republic of 2006. They played four songs, including (one i can't remember), Refuse the Refuse, Excellent News, Colonel, and Risking Life and Limb for the Coupon. I'm smitten. Make them a CMJ priority. Seriously.

Next up was Darc Mind and WOW, I've already had my first amazing CMJ discovery. Had never heard of these guys before and was very glad that I just stumbled upon them. Their brand of hip hop is the kind that I really love. HIGHLY recommended for casuals fans of MF Doom, Danger Mouse, Mad Lib, and everyone else that is involved in that scene. An MC, a 2nd MC that also worked the beats, and a bass player who was laying down some of the best bass lines I've ever heard. I HAVE to get my hands on their album Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill, which was recorded 10 years ago (!?!?!) and was only just released. I don't see any other CMJ dates for them and there are none listed on their Myspace, so I'm very glad that I caught this.

Took a few of my infamous crappy camera phone pics of Bound Stems performing, but they are just far to crappy to post. Good news though - I have acquired a very nice lil digi cam to use for CMJ, so be on the look out for some crappy digi cam pics in the near future.

FYI - I heard the most mind destroying, holy crap, boombastic, dear god, wow KEXP related news today, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to let the cat out the bag, so I'm not going to post it, but if you see me out 'n about ask me and I'll tell you and most likely you'll tell me that you already know. If not - prepare to have your mind destroyed.

Also - stopped by The Fader House today. They didn't have a finalized lineup yet, but the space looks rad. 2 floors. Mountain of Red Stripe. So excited.


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whats the news?!


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