Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Black Keys - Nokia Theatre

You would think that seeing The Black Keys open for Radiohead 3 times in 4 days (yeah, missed 'em at Montreal Night 1) would satify my craving for their intense live show. Wrong. Just made me want to see them again and soon. Well, after each Radiohead opener set, they made sure to inform us that they had a new album coming out and that they would be back in the fall. They weren't lying (like the Crystal Skulls, who better get to NYC soon, or else!). I was hoping for Warsaw again, but instead, Nokia Theatre is the place this time around. Pfork says that they will be playing there on Friday (!) Nov 3rd. A ways off, but I'm psyched nonetheless. They will be in Boston on 11/2 and Philly on 11/4, so no open day for an added show in Brooklyn (did I mention that I really want to see them at Warsaw again). Maybe they'll come back after DC. Check Pfork for all the dates.

Pic above via Nev Brown's Warsaw photos


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