Friday, June 30, 2006

Pearl Jam - VH1 Storytellers

Watch it/DVR it/Tivo it tomorrow, Sat July 1st at 10pm. Via Filter:

Recorded on June 1st in New York's Avalon Theatre, Pearl Jam indulged fans to a 10-song set for VH1 Storytellers, which will premiere on the network on July 1st at 10/9c. Playing long-time hits such as "Betterman" and "Alive" as well as new hits such as "Worldwide Suicide" and "Unemployable", in addition to Eddie Vedder's solo acoustic rendition of late folk singer Phil Ochs' "Here's to the State of Mississippi," with the lyrics reworked to represent the Bush administration, Pearl Jam gave us a story of their collective career, accompanied by sweet, sweet song.

VH1 Storytellers Tracklisting:
Worldwide Suicide
Sleight Of Hand
Army Reserve
Here's To The State Of Mississippi
Life Wasted


At 7/11/2006 9:08 AM, Anonymous The Funhouse said...

THe rendition of "Here's To The State Of Mississippi" was scathing and perfect! THat was my fav part of the whole show. Well, that and the fact they mentioned Andy Wood when they were talking about "Alive"


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