Monday, March 05, 2007

Listen To Ted Leo's WOXY Lounge Act


WOXY's March 3rd Noise Pop 2007 archives are finally streaming, which include, Clinic, Earlimart, and....

Ted Leo's Lounge Act!!! Via WOXY:

Ted Leo
Performed March 2, 2007

Just a few weeks before releasing the new album "Living With The Living", Ted sat down with Mike at Coast Recorders studio in San Francisco before his performance at Noise Pop 2007.

This terrific solo performance only features one track from the new album and then a slew of old favorites.

Track Listing:

Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?
The "Nice People" Argument
A Bottle Of Buckie
- interview -
The Living Kind
Me And Mia

Download MP3 (35:53)

Oh is so so so so good. And yes, I am an extremely biased Ted Leo fanatic, but this really will drop kick you in the face. mmmmmmmmm... Listening to this is making me one happy blogger. I'm quickly forgetting about the canceled Merc show.

I also listened to LoveLikeFire's lounge act today, and it was superb. I need to go to San Francisco and see these guys and Finest Dearest, because they are taking their sweet ass time getting to NYC.


Upcoming WOXY lounge acts:

3/8 Canada 3:00pm (They were great at CMJ last year)
3/30 Arizona 3:00pm


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