Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sound Of Silver

Like I said way back in December, Sound of Silver is way out in the lead for the best album of 2007 (unless Radiohead releases an album, in which case, we'll see). You can have your Neon Bible. I'm sticking with my LCD. You can sample tracks off the album here. There is not ONE weak track on the album, and apparently Pfork agrees. 9.2. Hot damn. Bragging posts are fun.

: P

Seriously though, I have listened to this album more than anything else so far this year. And thanx to a recent surge, it has even passed that awesome Cuckoo Canoe album. It's like if you took all the best songs from the first album and condensed them into one vicious album. I especially like walking amongst the skyscrapers of midtown while listening to this. Buy it.


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