Thursday, March 29, 2007

WOXY News - Lounge Acts, Blog

As you may have noticed, I've been kinda busy this week. Because of said busyness, I was unable to listen to the Mason Proper lounge act live this past Monday. Finally got a chance yesterday afternoon to listen to the mp3. WOW. Even better than the first time. Especially loved the first half when they played My My (Bad Fruit) and Intimidation. WOXY says:

Mason Proper
Performed March 26, 2007

It's been almost a full year since Mason Proper first visited the Lounge. Since their last appearance, they've grown into an incredibly tight live band and they recently signed to Dovecote Records.

Their debut album "There Is A Moth In Your Chest" has been reworked a bit for its national release. In this interview, they talk about the process of re-recording and remixing the album

You'll hear 4 tracks off of "Moth" along with one brand new exclusive track called "Rest Up" that will likely turn up on a 2008 release.

Track Listing:
My My (Bad Fruit)
Chemical Dress Eliza
- interview -
Rest Up
Life's Cornucopia

Download MP3 (27:22)

I VIGOROUSLY recommend attending their show this Sat March 31 at new venue Gramercy Theater with Birdmonster and Jena Malone and Her Bloodstains. Can't go wrong with that lineup. Tix still available.

Also noticed that WOXY have finally posted Canada's funtastic lounge act from right before SXSW. Listened to that one live and it reminded me why I liked them so much at CMJ last year. Via WOXY:

Performed March 8, 2007

Track Listing:
Seasons Cease To Sing
- interview -
Look To The Trees
Homes & Jewels

Download MP3 (24:19)

Canada will be in NYC in July for four shows from July 20 through July 23 at undisclosed locations. Standby for more on that soon.

But wait! There's more! Aqueduct's performance from WOXY's SXSW day party has been posted! YES!!! As previously mentioned, their set made my day. So great. Listen for yourself:

Download MP3

Hope you got your tix for Aqueduct at Mercury Lounge on Tues April 10, cause it's sold out. I guarantee people will be dancing.

Here's what WOXY have coming up in the lounge:

3/30 Arizona 3:00pm
4/2 31Knots 1:30pm
4/2 Harlan 4:00pm
4/19 The Willowz 12:00pm
4/27 Dead Heart Bloom 3:00pm

In case you are not yet aware, WOXY launched a blog yesterday. I was just wishing they would bring back their daily link posts. This is above and beyond. Can you guess what my favorite post was so far? If you guessed this one, you're right.

I have some more very exciting WOXY news, but I'm going to wait until later today to announce it. Ahhhh...the cliffhanger...


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