Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mason Proper - Pianos - Wed Jan 24

Mason Proper - a timeline:

First - I read about the band at The Underrated Blog. "This Michigan band teeters on experimental just to the point that I can handle it." Hmmmmm. Sounds interesting. I download "100 Years" and "The World Is Smaller Than You Think," which are off of their debut album There Is A Moth In Your Chest. mmmmm. I want more of this.

Next - Went to their website and downloaded more mp3s here. Wow. These songs are great too!

Then - There Is A Moth In Your Chest comes in at number 32 on WOXY's Best of 2006. I'm impressed. I then go and download their WOXY lounge act from way back in May. Interest is peaked. Here's the mp3 of their lounge act:

Download MP3

And this is what WOXY had to say about it:

Mason Proper
Performed May 9, 2006

We invited this Michigan-based 5-piece down to play for us in the Lounge on the strength of their debut album "There Is A Moth In Your Chest."

All of the songs in their set are from this self-released disc. Their unique instrumentation and clever lyrics should please fans of The Flaming Lips and Grandaddy. The band will be out touring the midwest and east coast this summer.

Track Listing:
A Chance Encounter
The World Is Smaller Than You Think
- interview -
Miss Marylou Carreau
Lights Off
Carousel! Carousel!

Finally: An NYC date pops up on their Myspace. Pianos on Wed Jan 24th! Excellent!


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