Thursday, March 08, 2007

Future Of The Left

Thanx to WOXY for the heads up on this. I have been needing a good Mclusky fix and this will definitely do. If you aren't aware, Future Of The Left is made up of two former members of Mclusky, and they sound a hell of a lot like Mclusky, one of my favorite "broke up before I got to see them" bands. Definitely go to the Myspace if you have been needing a fix too.

Currently no NYC date(s). I'm not going to SXSW, but if I was, seeing them at their ONE SXSW gig would be a TOP PRIORITY.

Speaking of SXSW, my CMJ-compiling partner in crime, FWYB, has just posted a massive SXSW guide that you will probably find very useful if you are going.


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