Friday, March 30, 2007

KNOCKOUT Round 3 - Now With Sponsor, DJs

Most excellent news - WOXY has signed on as a sponsor of the KNOCKOUT shows!

And let there be music - Cru Jonez (Steve of benzos) and DJ Lupe Loop will be spinning tunes all night long!

Next Saturday. April 7. Matchless. Once again, the lineup w/ set times:

8 - Square Wave Punch
9 - The Diggs
10 - benzos
11:15 - Bridges and Powerlines

benzos have posted a new track off of their new album, Branches, and a new b-side on their Myspace. Go listen now and see what you are in for.

Thanx again to Bunkre for the flyer. If you haven't been checking out his blog, you have been missing out on some cool shiz. Like this, and this, and especially this.

And with that, I leave for vacation. I'll be back some time next week. Probably won't have much computer access at all, but I will be able to check my email. See ya then.