Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Antlers - In The Attic Of The Universe

I feel like I've been totally caught off guard. This album came out of nowhere. And it's instantly conquered many other albums that are fighting for spots at the top of my favorite albums of '07 list (it's already getting very crowded). This album is very different from Uprooted (which I can't get enough of), yet very similar at the same time. This one sounds so full and lush and all those sort of words, but still gentle and delicate. And I am still hearing Neutral Milk Hotel and Antony & The Johnsons all over the place, while he is also continuing to carve out his own unique sound. Hard to pick a favorite song. Have I ever explained that one of the qualities of an album that I value the most is the ability to listen straight though and not skip a song. This album has that quality. Download it for free and thank me later:

IN THE ATTIC OF THE UNIVERSE (whole album zip, 192 kbps)

Or you could go to his website and download individual tracks. And there's songs at his Myspace too.

Check out what Pat and Rachael's had to say about the album too.

I HIGHLY recommend going to Pianos on Tues May 15 for Cross Pollination w/ The Antlers. Don't think, just go.



At 3/30/2007 10:56 AM, Blogger Pat said...

Is it just me or has Peter upped his abilities as a songwriter 10 fold on this album? Just the way he composes the music for it, instead of relying on his trusty acoustic guitar is really impressive. If other people ever learn about this kid he could be touring with Bright Eyes in no time!!!

At 4/01/2007 2:52 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Holy crap. I'm one song into this album and I'm already astounded.

At 4/06/2007 9:51 AM, Blogger Lucy said...

I've seen The Antlers play live and I can tell you that The Kid Has Talent. I've shared this and the previous album with a lot of people and everyone loves it...

At 6/28/2007 11:19 AM, Anonymous Erica D'Andrea Gray said...

oh my god. thank you for saving my day. this album is beautiful.


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