Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mussels - Little Voices Finished, Record Release

Got some awesome news this week from my Mussels friends:

The wait is over. Our first full length record, Little Voices, has rubbed it’s eyes and is ready to take it’s first steps into the world. We will be spending this week putting the finishing touches on the beautiful, hand silk-screened covers, manufactured with great care by yours truly (We even have a picture in our wallet, see attached). And Friday night we will pat Little Voices on the head and send it out the front door, beaming with pride and quite possibly a tear in our eyes.


Yes. You read that right. THIS FRIDAY. You can finally get your hands on the new Mussels album, Little Voices, one of my, if not thee, most anticipated releases of 2007. And everything I have heard so far at their shows and on their Myspace are only fueling the fire. My favorite album artwork of the year so far:

So fly.

Get yourself to this show tomorrow:

Friday, 03/30/07 @ Union Hall $8
10:00 Cedars
9:00 Mussels
8:00 Airthieves



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