Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Orphan Code

Usually, I tend to wait for a band to schedule an NYC show before I post about them, but in this instance, I can't wait. A few years ago a friend of mine, told me about a band from Ireland called Nero and hooked me up with their This Isn't Time EP. After one listen I was hooked. It became one of my obsession EPs sort of along the lines of Mussels' Night Lights EP. This Isn't Time definitely fueled my Brit-pop obsession of a few years ago, along with Doves, Elbow, South, Travis, and others. After several unsuccessful attempts to see the bands live, and their move from Albany (where they were living while in the US) to San Francisco, I kind of gave up hope of seeing them live and lost track of them. Until now.

I recently was informed, by the same friend who introduced me to the band, that after moving to San Fran, the band eventually broke up and most of the band moved back to Ireland. Upon returning to Ireland, they soon reformed as Orphan Code. The band have just about finished up their debut album, and a bunch of songs are posted at their Myspace. Orphan Code have only done three shows so far, but I am told that they will begin touring very soon, and perhaps, will be coming to the US for some shows, possibly around the time of SXSW.

Stay tuned.


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