Monday, July 23, 2007

Siren '07 Roundup

A New Nuance - An obituary for his favorite Siren
Baeble - Pics
BrooklynVegan - Liked MIA, but missed a lot. Also - pics of readers
Brooklyn Ski Club - The Black Lips, MIA, Pics (Also - banana hammocks @ the pool, eeck)
Central Village - Only pics. Look below for more
CMJ - Pics
Crackers United - An almost completely alternate perspective from my Siren
Fader - Brief review, some pics, and more to come
Fiddle While You Burn - Pics of Voxtrot, Black Lips, Matt & Kim, Dr. Dog
Fresh Bread - Taking pics for VV. Best I've seen so far. Also - Part II
Gothamist - Pics, many of which are gross
Jeff CV @ Gothamist - Yes, Cursive were that great
Heart On A Stick - A place holder
The Hidden Track - Check out Danfun's pics
Kathryn Yu - In the meantime, a crowdsurfer (Pretty sure I'm underneath that guy)
Loose Record - Excellent M&K review
The Music Slut - Pics - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Music Snobbery - There are also several spotlight posts
NY Times - A review from the other side of the barrier. No thanx
PAPERMAG - "The Matt and Kim show was insane, with rabid fans jumping the barriers and getting shaken up by security. It was pretty rock 'n' rollin."
PTST - Review and pics, M&K video, TTS video
Productshop - Had fun, took pics
Pfork - Tons of pics taken by Kathryn Yu
Punk Photo - Beautiful Pics, MIA
Subterranean Blog - Great review and nice pics
The Tripwire - Was bummed about missing Elvis and makes me even more bummed about missing WAS.
The Underrated - Review and pics. First Cyclone ride!
Village Voice - They had fun at their festival
WaterCoolerGossip - At least he got to see M&K
BYGASG - Didn't go, Maxwell's instead
Soft Communication - Didn't go(?), Potter instead
Stereogum - Didn't go, but lots of the commentors did
Bumpershine - Also didn't go. I thought I presented a convincing arguement

And forgot to mention this in my thoughts post - > White Heat DJs fucking ruled. Another reason why I wish I went to the pool yesterday. Would have loved to hear them spin some more.


At 7/24/2007 3:44 PM, Anonymous bumpershine said...

Kathryn is the coolest.

Yeah, but who else went to Dan Zanes?


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