Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crystal Skulls - Not Broken Up!?!?!

It has been a long, long, long time since there has been any news from Crystal Skulls. In fact, there hasn't been any news for as long as The Battering Room has been in existence. No CMJ '06. No SXSW '07. No news from Suicide Squeeze. No updates at their Myspace. And their website disappeared all together. The band had vanished so completely, that I was afraid they had broken up.

Until now.

A show has been posted at their Myspace.

Sat Aug 11 @ The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle w/ Pale Pacific and Kevin of The Wrens.

If I lived in Seattle, there is no question where I would be on 8/11.

One show isn't much, but it's more than the nothing that Crystal Skulls fans have had to endure for a long time now. Let hope that this is the beginning of a whole lot more from the band. Still plenty of time between now and mid-October. Fingers crossed for CMJ '07.


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