Monday, July 16, 2007

Citysol Pics

Had a very nice time hanging out at Citysol this past Saturday. The weather could not have been more perfect. Got there near the end of These Are Powers and left near the end of Land Of Talk. I was worried that the venue was going to be over crowded, but it seemed to be just the right size. A very interesting mix of the usual faces, over-the-top hipsters, wedding guests, and people who just happened to be passing by and stopped to see what was going on. The Besnard Lakes were my favorite. OCDJ was a close second. First time seeing O'Death and LOT, both of which were enjoyable. Good job Solar 1 and BV for putting together a fun little festival. Jules and I finally remembered to bring the camera out to a show this summer and took lots of pics. Here are some of the better shots (that look much better when you click them):



The Besnard Lakes

Land Of Talk


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